Predictons: Williams-Wright and Arreola-McCline

The Franchise says...

I hate picking against Winky Wright. I've done it before and felt like a dope later, as Winky's style, defense and height added up to frustrate another opponent.

Still, there's reason to think things will be more than a little different on Saturday night when he faces fellow southpaw Paul Williams. The Punisher throws a never-ending stream of punches, he packs a harder wallop than he's given credit for and - this may be the most important part - he's even taller and lankier than Winky.

He's also younger than Wright by more than a decade, and he's stayed busy by fighting four times in 2008. By contrast, we started this blog in November of 2007... and you still need to go back another four months to find the last time Winky stepped in the ring.

The one thing I could see tripping Williams up is overconfidence, as he's had a pretty easy go of it since avenging a loss to Carlos Quintana last June. If he sees Wright as a difficult puzzle to solve, I think he's got enough tools to do it.

Maybe. At least I feel good enough to pick Williams to come away with the unanimous decision.

On the undercard, people are so desperate for a bright young American heavyweight prospect to come along that they are willing to back one who pretty much admits he often prefers eating to training.

I've been wondering if there's a night when that attitude would catch up with Chris Arreola, and Saturday could be it. If he takes Jameel McCline too lightly, his undefeated record and his buzz could both vanish.

And yet this is exactly the kind of fight that Arreola needs to win if he's exepcted to be taken seriously in the division. McCline is a good but not great fighter, and a big step up from the competititon in Arreola's previous two outings.

Maybe this is blind faith, but I'm looking for Arreola to at least partially step up to the challenge. I think there may be some rough patches but Arreola will emerge with a mid-round KO.

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Spartan117 says...

I have been looking forward to tonight's fight since it was announced months ago.  I'm a fan of Williams' style, technique and personality.  Winky has been enjoyable to watch too even though most of the boxing community may disagree with me.  Winky has personality and some up-and-comers could learn from him in that department.

Although I like watching Winky, he has been known to slack off between fights.  Now he fights tonight in the first time in almost 2 years.  I can't see him being in top form tonight.  He loves Krispy Kream Donuts and he loves Dominos Pizza.  I'm sure he enjoyed a lot of both of those foods during his time off.  

Williams fought 4 times last year.  He'll be in better shape and has more natural punching power.  I see Winky suffering from serious ring rust and Williams taking advantage.  I predict Williams catching Winky in the mid to late rounds.  Williams by mid to late round KO.

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