Predictions: Kendall Holt vs. Timothy Bradley

Uatu says...

Both of these gentlemen have thrust themselves onto the scene of major headlining fights just in the last year or so. Timothy Bradley impressed with his win over Junior Witter, and Kendall Holt had a pair of memorable fights with Ricardo Torres, one of which he lost.

I think it would be fair to describe Bradley as a steady fighter. He won his fight over Junior Witter but continuing to come forward and work hard, and he turned in a similar performance against Edner Cherry. He fights in a traditional style, comes in great shape, and stays aggressive. I do not believe he a slugger though, like a James Kirkland.

One could think that Holt is more explosive, based on his KO and knockdowns of Torres, but if you look at all of his fights since he moved up to 12 rounders, excluding the Torres fight they have all been distance wins over the likes of Demetrius Hopkins and Mike Arnaoutis.

That leads me to believe that this fight goes the distance. I could see it going either way. I believe Bradley will keep coming forward and Holt will be the fighter moving away after some flurries. I think Holt has the power to keep Bradley honest, but Bradley will throw and land more. Should be an interesting fight.

Timothy Bradley wins by split decision.

The Franchise says...

This fight between two relatively young title-holders seems pretty even to me, which should make it good. The consensus seems to be that Bradley is more solid all around, while Holt has the more dangerous KO power, and I haven't seen anything from them to make me think otherwise.

I'm fairly certain that Bradley won't be goaded into a firefight with Holt, because he seems to be aware of the danger in that approach. But I've also heard him predict a win by knockout simply because Holt's been knocked out before, so maybe I'm giving him slightly too much credit on the mental side of things.

Still, Bradley has the style that lends itself more to putting rounds in the bank. While acknowledging that Holt's power is the wild card, I think Bradley wins a close but non-controversial unanimous decision.

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