Recap: Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7, Episode 1

The new season of 24/7 begins with a look at Manny Pacquiao's upbringing amidst the poverty of General Santos City in the Phillipines. We flash forward to Pacman's most recent victory over Oscar De La Hoya, and trainer Freddie Roach explains why he was so sure his charge would win.

The scene quickly switches to Manchester, the home of Ricky Hatton. A flashback to 2007 shows Hatton riding high before his fight with Floyd Mayweather, where as we know, he didn't fare too well. He uses the word "devastated" to describe how he felt after losing, and his family and countrymen took it hard as well.

Back in the Phillipines, we see the reaction of his fans to his last win. We see the christening of his baby, which like every Pacquiao-related event, was a huge deal - complete with 48 godparents.

The first training footage shows Manny at Roach's Wild Card Boxing Gym. Former heavyweight champ Michael Moorer is there too, giving advice. Hatton and former trainer Billy Graham talk a bit about their relationship and why Ricky felt the need to make a change.

The entertainment value immediately picks up as we hear from Hatton's new trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. He makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he thinks he's the greatest trainer ever, and he's anxious for the world to see how Hatton is continuing to improve.

More detail is shown of Moorer's role in Pacquiao's training camp, which looks to be pretty large. Why add another person to the mix? Roach admits that he was spreading himself too thin, especially with other fighters to train and Parkinson's disease to battle.

Freddie also says he has to close the gym for a few hours a day because Pacquiao is so popular. Manny also looks like he hasn't been taking it easy on his sparring partners.

Hatton and Mayweather travel from England to Las Vegas to finish his training. Floyd says his goal is to keep Ricky's aggressiveness and tenacity but teach him defense and evasiveness.

On the personal side, Ricky and Floyd have had to adjust to each other's personalities and senses of humor. Mayweather has a little rhyme for Pacquiao too.

We see some scenes from the press tour for the fight, including the fighters playing darts in an English pub. The episode ends with dramatic training montages for both men.

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