Recap: Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7, Episode 2

The world's greatest show started in Hollywood.
Manny is living in a crowded condo again, with ten men living in the small condo.

Freddie has actually moved out of the gym into his own house.
Now people can't knock on his door at all times.
He doesn't seem to like it much, as he said the house may be rented soon.
Now Roach also has to sit in traffic and drive to the gym.

At the gym that day were Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale - Max Payne and the Batman/John Connor.

They showed Manny working over some sparring partners, knocking some dude down and out with a body shot.

Hatton is in Vegas.
Floyd, Sr. was running late for practice.
He stopped at Taco Bell.
He likes the number eight combo (hard shell), and he wants tomatoes on those with a Mountain Dew to drink.

Hatton was shown doing that Mayweather mitt routine.
I wonder if we will see any Hatton sparring footage.
The show went through Hatton's entourage and who all the players were.
The crew hit Vegas for some blackjack at night.

Back in L.A., Manny toured his new Hollywood house with his wife, Jinky. This will only be a second house, and not the primary residence.

Freddie said that Manny is now complete, he thinks. He sets things up, he is explosive, etc.

Michael Moorer got some airtime next.
Moorer is getting an education, he works from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm and he is getting an opportunity to help Freddie due to Roach's condition.

Hatton does his runs on Mount Charleston, where Floyd takes Hatton twice a week for serious training.
The show next did some time showing Hatton's family.
His fiance, Jennifer, and son are back in the U.K.
Hatton's mom theorized that Ricky is attracted to his fiance because she is taller than Ricky. His fiance is 5'10". Hatton's son is now 8 years old.

Floyd went on a mini-rant about Hatton being a racehorse and Manny being a mule.

Manny was on husband duties taking Jinky to the airport.
Freddie and Michael were up late into the night taking in Hatton tape on the couch.
Moorer was not impressed with the "new" Hatton, saying he reverted to his old ways and didn't do anything new in the ring.

Next they introduced us to Shane Langford. Freddie took in this fellow and lets him live in the gym and clean the place. Shane has had a rough life and he showed us his knife wounds.

The following bit was about Freddie's early training life. He had to work as a telemarketer to support himself in Vegas. His big break came from Mickey Rourke who called him to train him. Mickey would show up only once that first week. Roach ripped him so bad he cried and left Vegas. Rourke called him every day for 30 days and Roach returned. Roach had him promise that the next day off he would get would be the one Roach gave him. Roach trained Rourke for seven fights, after which, Mickey sold his gym and gave his equipment to Roach.

Back in Vegas we got more Hatton training footage as Floyd put him through exercises. Floyd was flexing for the camera and showing off his muscles. He bragged about how he could eat cookies and cake and still look ripped even at age 56.

Back at his house, they showed Floyd watching tape of his career. He admits he had a bad career. He said he was one hell of a fighter that never got a break. He got shot with a shotgun while holding one year old Floyd Jr. Floyd Sr. said he still wants a relationship with Jr.

Even with Sr. having dropped out of school, he has managed to succeed in life, and he said he feels blessed.

The show ended with a dramatic montage of training, the auxiliary people in the fighters' lives and the trainers.

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