Report: Fists, Bricks Fly Between Miguel Cotto, Uncle

A top boxer made the news late yesterday, but not for something good.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports is just one person reporting that Miguel Cotto got into an altercation with trainer Evangelista Cotto that started after Miguel fired his uncle. Highlights include Evangelista punching his nephew (a gutsy move there) and chucking a brick through the window of his new Jaguar.


Apparently a statement is coming from the Top Rank camp later today. Iole surmises that the issue that started it all may have been Miguel's desire to train in Florida for his upcoming fight with Joshua Clottey.

We'll have to see if this actually turns out to be something or just passes over once cooler heads prevail. It's pretty common for family members to fall out with each other in boxing (see Mayweathers, Mosleys, etc.), but good luck trying to figure out which of those disagreements end with people not speaking to each other for years.

It is kind of strange timing for something like this, though. Some tension after Miguel's loss to Antonio Margarito could have been expected, but he looked good in his last fight, albeit against some weak competition.

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