MMA Fighters Continue to Campaign to Fight Roy Jones Jr.

What is it with MMA fighters continuing to call out Roy Jones Jr.?

Last week, the L.A. Times reported that Anderson "Spider" Silva is still trying to angle for a boxing match with Jones as soon as he's clear of his UFC contract - whenever that is. We've heard that before, but it seems like there's ongoing interest on both sides.

A newer and much more hilarious rumor turned up yesterday via Sherdog.com's Jake Rossen on his ESPN MMA blog: Nick Diaz thinks he can beat Jones too. You know, like the Fresh Prince once thought he could beat Mike Tyson.

Rossen rightly dismisses that idea as potentially suicidal for the California native. Not only is he less accomplished at his own craft than Silva, but he'd be giving up quite a few more pounds as well.

Still, the fact that these types of challenges and discussions keep popping up says a lot about the financial realities for MMA fighters. While some of them are undoubtedly doing just fine thanks to the surge in the sport's popularity over the last few years, they still get a check cut by the UFC (or Strikeforce, or whoever).

Get a boxer with the big name in the ring and you get a piece of the pie for yourself. Not as big as Roy's piece, but a nice one nonetheless.

A better question would be why it's Jones in particular who is getting so much MMA love. He's not the only fading ex-champ out there, though with Oscar De La Hoya expected to retire later today, he may be the most famous one still active.

He's also shown an affinity for the other combat sport, recently attempting to see if they could co-exist on one show.

Whatever the reasons, there's nothing but upside for Jones to actually make one of these fights happen. It would make him some more money, especially if it's against someone as well known in his own world as Silva.

There's just one catch: he needs to do it before he gets so old that someone just moonlighting in boxing actually has a real chance of beating him.

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uatu said...

not impressed with Mr. Silva's challenge. Let's see Silva challenge a young gun like Bad Chad Dawson, or someone his size, like whoever the Cruiserweight champ is. Silva fights at 185,ten pounds above the boxing light heavyweight limit, and has fought at 205, so that's a dryed out 185 to boot.