Lamont Peterson vs. Willy Blain: Round By Round

Bayamon, Puerto Rico is the site for tonight's HBO Boxing After Dark telecast. Juan Manuel Lopez is the drawing card, but we begin with a 140 lb. fight between Lamont Peterson and Willy Blain.

Both fighters are undefeated but have very low KO percentages. Peterson's fight night weight is five pounds heavier, and the tale of the tape gives him slight advantages in height and reach.

Michael Buffer does the introductions and we're all set for a scheduled 12 rounds.

Round 1

Peterson stalks and Blain counters. The ref calls an early TO for an accidental headbutt that cuts Blain over the left eye. Peterson pressures but his foe looks very comfortable on defense. Lamont throws a nice body shot and blocks the return fire. Blain stays elusive along the ropes. He ties up several times when necessary. Both men are covering up well. Peterson hears a whistle and stops fighting, but that's the sound for 10 seconds to go. Whoops.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 2

CompuBox gave Blain just four landed punches in that first frame. There's more wrestling and Peterson almost picks up his opponent. Neither man is real busy right now. Peterson sneaks in a left hook upstairs, then connects with another. Peterson and Blain both land two-punch combinations. Multiple body shots by Lamont are answered by shots to the head. Peterson picks off a string of punches with his gloves, then goes on the attack.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 3

Blain gets forced back by a right hand, and the fighters' feet get tangled. Peterson works some left uppercuts and a body blow. Blain counters upstairs. Big swing and a miss by Lamont. Peterson swoops in with uppercuts and they tie up. Both men land in the center of the ring. Blain scores with a nice counter left but Peterson stands his ground. Shots are flowing both ways but Peterson's punches have more power.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 4

Harold Lederman has all three rounds for Peterson so far, for what it's worth. Blain snaps a few nice counters but Peterson is able to answer with hooks to the body. He chases Blain around and just misses some big shots in the corner. The pace slows a little as Max Kellerman wonders if Peterson's style is compelling. Blain ducks and weaves. Peterson is not getting robbed on some of these swings but Blain is slippery. Lamont's body work has been the difference to this point.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 5

Peterson shoeshines a bit along the ropes. Blain works back out to the center and tries to counter. Blain connects with a left but Peterson shrugs it off. Blain is having his best round so far, he just doesn't have much pop. A left uppercut scores from Peterson. Lennox Lewis wants to see him jab more. Lefts to the body and head from Lamont. Nice exchange with Peterson going forward. That was the closest round, but I'm not sure Blain did enough to win it.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 6

Blain looks like he's trying to show Peterson something different here, but he still get tagged with strong body shots. Peterson reaches with single shots. Blain counters with both hands and ties up. Peterson finally corners Blain along the ropes and tries to work the body again. Blain looks like he's hurt his right arm and the ref calls time. The ref tries to wave it off, but Blain wants to continue. He takes it over to the doctor, who allows it to continue. Bizarre.

Franchise: 10-9 Peterson

Round 7

Corner talk makes it sound like Blain jammed his thumb, and Kellerman is indignant that the fight was paused for that. Lederman also thinks if the ref waves it off, it should be the end. Yet we fight on. Things are a little disjointed right now. Peterson scores with a nice right hand. Blain is in pain again and the ref calls it off, this time for good. Kellerman has a good line: "Peterson scores his second TKO of the night."

The winner by TKO at 1:11 of Round 7... Lamont Peterson.

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