De Leon Jr. Vs. Green: Round by Round

The undercard of Froch vs. Taylor is a fight between Carlos De Leon Jr. and Allan Green.  The fight is at supermiddleweight.  Both fighters are 29 years old.  De Leon Jr. is 21-2-2 with 14 KOs while Green is 27-1 with 19 KOs.  

Showtime is wasting no time starting the bout.  Here we go.

Round 1
There is already some trash talk.  Green taunted De Leon during the ref's instructions.  The ref told them to stop the nonsense.  Green starts as the aggressor.  De Leon is backing up early, probably looking to counter.  Green lands a jab and a hook to the body.  Green lands a combo set up by a jab.  Not much happening in the first.  They feel each other out.  De Leon lands a jab.  Green counters with a a jab straight.  Now Green unleashes a hard combo to the head and body.  De Leon comes back with a combo of his own.  They trade punches at the bell.

Spartan117: 10-9 Green

Round 2
Green uses his jab.  Green crushes De Leon with a picture perfect left hook and De Leon goes down hard.  He strugles to get to his feet.  De Leon gets up and throws a combo.  Green smells blood and rocks him again with hooks.  De Leon gets up again but he's in trouble.  The ref tells him he'll give him one more chance.  De Leon goes back in but gets crushed and dropped again.  It's over.

The winner by TKO 1:06 into the 2nd round "Sweetness" Allen Green

Green says, in the post-fight interview, says that his mission was to make a statement.  He's calling out some big competition, mainly the winner of the main event.  Green seems calm and he shows some comedic skills on the mic.  He predicts Froch will beat Taylor tonight because he has the confidence.  

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