Manny Pacquiao Sees Politics, Music in His Post-Boxing Future

Though Manny Pacquiao says he isn't looking past what he thinks will be a tough fight with Ricky Hatton, he already has an idea of what his life will look like once he's done with boxing.

Pacman told Michael David Smith of AOL Sports that he'll focus on politics and music when he walks away from the ring - and he hinted that day might come sooner than we think. He also spoke wistfully about the downside of his massive fame in the Phillipines, acknowledging that he could never see a time when he'd be able to walk down the street in his native country without being mobbed.

As for his desire to sing, Pacquiao said he plans on walking out to his own song when he faces Hatton. Get that track on iTunes pronto Manny, and the BoxingWatchers will support you!

It would be highly entertaining to see Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather each walk out to songs they perform themselves when they inevitably (in my mind anyway) fight each other...

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