Live Froch-Taylor and Lopez-Penalosa Round By Round Updates Tonight

It's decision time for boxing fans tonight. Do we watch former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor battle Carl Froch on Showtime? Or do we tune in HBO to see exciting Juan Manuel Lopez attempt to hang the first KO on more than capable Gerry Penalosa?

Actually, depending on how the timing works out (the HBO broadcast starts an hour later), we may be able to catch them both. But for the premium cable-deprived out there, we'll be pulling double duty here on BoxingWatchers.com - once we tear ourselves away from second round coverage of the NFL Draft!

Spartan117 will do live round by round updates for Froch-Taylor and yours truly will do the same for Lopez-Penalosa. We'll also try to recap the new episode of 24/7, some undercard fights - especially Allan Green - and anything else we deem relevant.

Look for separate new posts for all the goodness out on our main page starting shortly after 9 pm Eastern tonight.

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