BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings - April 2009

Yes, these are a little late this month. I apologize, as I was on assignment covering an event where people just pretend to punch each other in the face, and the other BoxingWatchers don't know the secret formula that drives the rankings - and if Uatu did, he would certainly have it destroyed because of its love for David Haye!

We've been doing these long enough now that I don't need to explain how this is NOT a pound-for-pound list, how it measures the success of boxers over the past three years while rewarding activity and decisive victories, blah, blah, blah. If you're new here, maybe this will help.

And so the quest for the mythical perfect score of 36 continues. Here goes nothing...

1. Arthur Abraham - 23.73 - I didn't really know who LaJuan Simon was, but bravo for beating him, I guess. Now please sign to fight Kelly Pavlik. Thanks.

2. Wladimir Klitschko - 20.02 - Finally got the deal done to face Haye this summer, at which point Haye immediately started running his mouth. It's not good to make Dr. Steelhammer angry. Or maybe it is, we'll see.

3. Celestino Caballero - 19.38 - I'm not making any accusations, but one wonders what kind of shake Jeffrey Mathebula will get from the judges when he takes on Caballero in his native Panama at the end of the month.

4. Kelly Pavlik - 18.13 - Read the last two sentences I wrote for # 1 above and simply replace the words "Kelly Pavlik" with "Arthur Abraham."

5. David Haye - 17.00 - We'll see what he does with the shot he really wanted against Klitschko. More than just about any other boxer, he has spectacular boom or bust potential in 2009.

6. Manny Pacquiao - 15.94 - According to Manny, only God knows who will win on May 2 when he fights Ricky Hatton. Okay, but I suspect it will be the Pacman.

7. Paul Williams - 15.66 - When you have two guys no one supposedly wants to fight, they will find each other eventually. At least that's what's happening this Saturday when The Punisher squares off with Winky Wright.

8. Juan Manuel Marquez - 15.46 - Waiting on the announcement of JMM's next fight (Mayweather?). BoxRec.com now has him second pound-for-pound, behind only Bernard Hopkins.

9. Vic Darchinyan - 14.46 - And speaking of the BoxRec.com rankings, this man is number three overall. That seems a bit high, but I know I wouldn't want to fight the Raging Bull right now.

10. Miguel Cotto - 14.34 - Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports says his blow up with uncle and (former) trainer Evangelista Cotto won't affect him. He'd better hope not, because Joshua Clottey is no pushover.

The next 7: Andre Berto, Nonito Donaire, Chris John, Chad Dawson, Tomasz Adamek, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton

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