Recap: Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7, Episode 3

We join Ricky Hatton and his entourage on an off day in Las Vegas enjoying a little food and Kool-Aid provided by Floyd Mayweather Sr. Floyd shows off his gear and the Hitman calls his clothing "ridiculous." Hatton and company are impressed with his artistic talents though.

The crew watches last week's 24/7 and gains some more confidence - not that it was lacking to begin with - by watching Manny Pacquiao's training footage.

Speaking of Pacman, we get a look at how important Manny's faith is to his life and success. Freddie Roach says the guy who prays the most isn't going to win, but the guy who works the most will. Roach has his issues with Catholicism but respects Manny's views.

Roach and Michael Moorer are frustrated because they tried to close the Wild Card Gym but the crowds are growing again. Though it goes against his nature, Roach starts kicking people out, incuding members of Pacquiao's entourage. Cameras are allowed to keep rolling during sparring as a psychological weapon.

Hatton's training is going well too, and he repeats his belief that he's a different fighter than he was in the past. Hatton thinks there will be a knockout in the fight, and he's going through some tough work with a medicine ball to avoid getting stopped with a body shot.

Business picks up when Roger Mayweather arrives with one of his fighters to serve as a sparring partner. Floyd Sr. dismisses some of the past battles with his brother and says it's all about family. He talks a bit about his chronic lung disease and the pain he endures.

Pacquiao goes to see the doctor for his pre-fight exam, and Roach says he's happy that Manny is taking a day off because he's been pushing himself so far. He gets a clean bill of health and returns to training to find that Roach's crackdown has succeeded - the Wild Card is almost empty.

We're down to a week to go before the fight. The show explores Hatton's love for the Manchester City football (soccer) team, which was passed down through his family.

We also get to see Ricky's parents and his fiancee. A phone call references Hatton's thong scene fromt he first episode of 24/7. Apparently it did not belong to his woman.

Pacquiao gets treatment on his legs and waits anxiously for his mother to arrive. It's her first trip to the U.S. and the first time she will see him fight in person.

Manny heads to San Francisco for Filipino heritage day and his bobblehead day at a Giants game. Roach says events like that are important for fighters to avoid burnout and stay in the correct frame of mind. Manny also throws out the first pitch, though not well.

Roach and Mayweather trade verbal jabs during a couple of press days. The show ends by comparing and contrasting the fighters' training styles.

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