Floyd Mayweather Re-emerges in the Mainstream

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has landed a commercial spot with a major and unexpected company, AT&T. In the commercial, Floyd doesn't get to have any lines, but he is featured throughout the entire commercial without a shirt on, and looks to be in as great a shape as ever.

In the commercial, your typically dorky-looking middle-aged man in a suit is next to Floyd in the ring. He introduces Floyd as "Floyd Money Mayweather" and says something about his fast hands and being undefeated, if I remember correctly. But the man is going to take Floyd on in a speed competition using laptops, and even with Floyd's hand speed, the man wins because he has an AT&T 3G network card that makes his laptop faster. During the commerical Floyd attempts to tap away on his computer quickly, but it is to no avail.

So I consider this to be a pretty good commerical for Floyd. It is with a major company, and the product has nothing to do with sports, which makes it even better. I would have liked Floyd to have some lines and to show his personality, but it's still nice to have this kind of exposure at all.

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