Weekend Predictions: Kessler-Perdomo, Ward-Pudwill, Calderon-Mayol

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If you've never seen Mikkel Kessler fight or you just want to get yourself psyched up about Andre Ward's chances in the Super Six World Boxing Classic, you may want to tune into Showtime on Saturday. Otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much of a compelling reason to watch both top super middleweights tune up for the tournament.

On paper, Ward should have the easier time. His opponent, Shelby Pudwill, is almost a decade older, has little power (nine KOs in 22 career wins) and has fought just once since John Duddy knocked him out in the first round three and a half years ago. Yikes.

Unless Ward is looking past his foe to a greater degree than anyone in recent memory, he should have a short night. S.O.G. wins by KO in four rounds or less.

And what do we know about the man Kessler will be facing, Gusmyr Perdomo? Well, he's a lefty with some pop. He's never been knocked out, and he has a cool nickname: the Azucar Torpedo.

I've never seen Perdomo fight, but he hasn't faced anyone with the Viking Warrior's combination of skill and toughness. Just taking a stab at this one, but I see Kessler winning by TKO, thought it may take him longer than Ward.

If you feel like ponying up for a pay-per-view, you can skip the super middleweight tune-ups and watch Ivan Calderon's rematch with Rodel Mayol. The first fight ended as a technical draw, which was fortunate for the undefeated Iron Boy because he looked like he was on his way to his first 'L.'

Having finally seen footage of the first go-round, I can say that Mayol was younger, busier and bigger. None of those things have changed in the last three months.

Calderon has had an incredible run, making double digit successful title defenses at 105 before moving up to 108 and embarking on a nice run there as well. He's crafty enough that you feel like he'll find some answers to the problems that Mayol gave him last time. As we all know, though, Calderon doesn't have the power to end things early, meaning he'll have to be virtually perfect to win.

I hate picking against him, but all things come to an end. Mayol wins by unanimous decision.

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