Ricardo Mayorga to Try His Hand at MMA

Ricardo Mayorga hasn't been seen in a boxing ring since getting knocked out by Shane Mosley a year ago. As it turns out, we may see him back in action before too long, but it could be in a cage instead.

The AP is reporting that Mayorga has announced he will compete in MMA, with his first bout likely to come early in 2010. He also added that he has not retired from boxing, but can't continue that career until he reaches a resolution in his contract stalemate with Don King.

With MMA's popularity continuing to rise, I expect to see more of this kind of announcement over the next few years. Mayorga's situation is a bit different due to the King issue, but I believe boxers who feel their careers have hit a wall will see a similar move as a viable way to keep fighting.

It's also utter foolishness. To think that someone at age 35 can learn all the nuances of the ground game in MMA in a short period of time is ridiculous, and it's even more so for Mayorga since he never even mastered the fine points of the sweet science.

Perhaps his brawling style will translate to decent stand-up, but that's about it. I did like his quote about one thing he finds attractive about MMA: "Boxing has many more rules."

That sounds like something I'd expect to hear from El Matador. Have fun getting choked out Ricardo.

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he;s going to get crushed