Roy Jones-Bernard Hopkins Rematch Signed for Early 2010

While Roy Jones has been staying busy fighting anyone he could line up, Bernard Hopkins has had his name attached to various potential opponents over the last few months. Though there had been talk of the two of them fighting each other a second time - the first time was back in 1993, when Jones won by unanimous decision - it was tough to tell how serious that possibility really was.

Turns out it was plenty serious. ESPN's Dan Rafael is reporting that Jones and Hopkins will meet again during the first three months of 2010. The article states the two boxing icons will split the purse right down the middle unless there's a KO, in which case the winner will get 60 percent.

For Jones, this is an undeniable coup. It's his best, and almost definitely last, shot at fighting someone relevant, and assuming the two names involved lead to decent sales (which I think they will), it will make him more money than anyone else he'd be likely to face.

Except for the opportunity to avenge the earlier loss, this appears less exciting for B-Hop, who even at age 44 is still fairly close to the elite level of the sport. But he was having trouble putting together a meaningful fight, and I suppose the prospect of another big payday can't be ignored.

Also of interest is that Rafael states that the fight hinges on Jones beating Danny Green on Dec. 2. I'm not exactly sure why Hopkins and Golden Boy would care about that, because it's not like one more loss ruins the enthusiasm for seeing two guys who will be a combined 86 years old on fight night face off. Unless Green destroys Jones, that is...

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