Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez II: Predictions

The Franchise says...

A number of fights have come together over the last year or two that I never would have imagined I'd be seeing in my wildest dreams. Floyd Mayweather versus Juan Manuel Marquez certainly falls into that category, yet in a few days, that's exactly what we'll be watching.

I think JMM might be the best all-around boxer in the world at any weight, and by that I mean that while he might not be the fastest, toughest or most skilled, he's above average in every category. Though the prospect of his biggest payday ever can't be discounted, Marquez deserves all the credit in the world for agreeing to his fight, because he's in as tough as he's ever been.

For Floyd, there's really only two questions in my mind: will he be rusty after his brief retirement, and will he somehow feel like he needs to prove something and expose himself to more harm than usual? In order, my answers are doubtful, and he never has before.

Marquez is so savvy that I feel like he will be able to get to Mayweather, perhaps more often than many people suspect. But I can't get past the whole weight issue. Yes, Manny Pacquiao has been able to keep knocking people out while making rapid jumps through divisions, but JMM doesn't possess the same uncanny blend of speed and power that Pac-Man has. Even if his surgical counterpunching is in full evidence, I just can't see him hurting Floyd.

On the flip side, I see Money touching Marquez more often and wearing him down as the rounds pile up. JMM will leave everything in the ring, but ultimately Mayweather will get the victory via late TKO.

The card has another fight worth anticipating in the rematch between Chris John and Rocky Juarez. Their first meeting was a close one, though I scored it for John and felt he should have won.

The early rounds will be key to any Jaurez upset chance, because John was strong in the early going back in February. John has the height and the know-how to control the fight from the outside, and I expect he'll have success in doing so.

I can see this one turning out close again, but I like John to come away with a somewhat more decisive win. Since neither man has huge KO power, I feel John by unanimous decision is how it's going down.

Uatu says...

I agree all the way, except I am unsure whether or not I think JMM makes the final bell. I think JMM will keep trying to win and put pressure on no matter what the odds or situation in the fight, and he's going to have to eat punches to make that happen. But I see him applying that pressure more effectively than say, Ricky Hatton did, so maybe JMM loses by unanimous decision instead. Either way, I like Money May to win.

And I too like John by decision.

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