Mayweather-Marquez and John-Juarez II Live Round By Round Updates Tonight

Boxing fans rejoice! That big fight feel is in the air again, courtesy of Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez. And while several factors (Floyd's possible rustiness, Juan's big jump up in weight) increase the risk that the bout itself might not live up to the hype, Money and Dinamita are unquestionably two of the best around.

In a rarity over the past few years, there's actually an undercard match worth caring about, as Chris John and Rocky Juarez face off again after battling to a draw in February. Good stuff.

There's still plenty of time to order the pay-per-view or look into seeing it in HD on a huge screen at a theater near you. For those of you who can't take advantage of either one of those options, we're here to help you follow the action.

Spartan117 and I will be blogging live during the PPV, with separate posts for the first two undercard fights, the John-Juarez rematch and the Mayweather-Marquez main event out on the home page. Join us for round by round recaps as they happen, shortly after 9 pm Eastern time tonight.

Posted by The Franchise


Las Vegas said...

The Theatres are all sold out around town.

Nick Tylwalk said...

That is great to hear. I would love it if boxing in theaters would be successful enough to be done several times a year for big PPV fights.