Boxer Clothing and Gear: Mayweather-Marquez Edition

Have a burning desire to gear up properly for the Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez fight? Still have money burning a hole in your pocket after setting some aside for the pay-per-view (and if you do in the current economic times, congratulations!)?

Affliction has cooked up not one, not two, but three different shirts to commemorate the bout. And they're skull-free! Well, mostly skull-free anyway.

This was the first one and has a warbird theme going on. It also has gold foil highlights, which are on their way to being played out, I fear, but not there yet. This shirt is also available in black.

Okay, this shirt has skulls. You didn't think Affliction would make three shirts for one event and not use any skulls, right?

This one is my personal favorite, complete with black metal studs. I'd think about picking one up myself, except that at $58, this is more expensive than the actual PPV.

So order now and you could get your shirt before the fight, as Affliction shipping is pretty fast. Or don't, we don't make any money off pointing these out. I just like seeing cool shirts getting made for boxing matches instead of exclusively for MMA.

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