Kelly Pavlik Not Yet Cleared to Train, Dec. 5 Date for Fight With Paul Williams in Jeopardy?

A week ago on this very blog, I made a little joke about not rearranging my work schedule to be able to attend the Kelly Pavlik-Paul Williams fight on December 5. At least I intended it as a joke, because I really would like to see that fight sooner rather than later.

Despite Bob Arum's happiness with the progress Pavlik and his troublesome staph infection are making, it appears we still shouldn't save the date just yet. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Pavlik hasn't been cleared to train.

As per Mike Pavlik, official big brother of Kelly, Team Pavlik is "still looking at Dec. 5" but nothing could be made concrete until The Ghost received medical clearance. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the fight could get pushed back. Again.

If that happens, Pavlik could be looking at nearly a year of inactivity since he retired Marco Antonio Rubio this past February. Call me crazy, but I'm not sure I'd want there to be any chance I'd have ring rust when I stepped in against The Punisher.

Let's do some Shoe Shining...


The always hilarious Michael Marley (often unintentionally so) spun a whole column, kind of, out of Freddie Roach's reaction to Juan Manuel Marquez drinking his own urine on 24/7. Somehow I doubt Manny Pacquiao will be downing a glass of his own pee any time soon...

In the wake of Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto making appearances at Yankee Stadium to promote their upcoming bout, the AP ran a story about the attempt to return boxing to the venue. Okay, it wouldn't technically be a return at this version of Yankee Stadium, but you get the idea. Also of note: Arum's comments that a meeting between the Pacquiao-Cotto winner and the Floyd Mayweather-JMM winner would be "unlikely." Just posturing, or something else?...

Could the continued rise of MMA as the hip combat sport make it difficult for aspiring boxers to find places to train? A boxing club in Sarasota, Florida is getting pushed aside so that the gym can be used for MMA training. As I've said numerous times, I enjoy both sports, but it would be a real shame if this kind of thing would become a trend.

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