Ward v. Pudwill: Round by Round

It's time for tonight's main event. Andre Ward and Shelby Pudwill are in the ring. Pudwill is 22-3-1 with 9 KOs. Ward is undefeated with a record of 19-0 with 12 KOs.

Here we go.

Round 1:
Ward starts the action first. The ring is small, only 19 feet. Ward is throwing some strong punches, clearly going for a early KO. Ward lands a thunderous body hook. Ward is throwing hard to the body. Pudwill's defense is sound but it hasn't blocked all of Ward's haymakers. Pudwill tries to counter but misses. Great round for Ward.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ward

Round 2
Ward comes out throwing hooks and uppercuts. Pudwill is on the defensive. Pudwill gets warned for low punches. He lands a great right hand, his best of the night. Ward is committed to the body. Ward lands a left haymaker to the body. Ward gets a jab between the gloves of Pudwill. Now he lands a perfect two-punch combo. Ward lands another big right hand.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ward

Round 3
Ward goes back to throwing the jab to set up stronger punches. Pudwill is showing a great chin. Ward lands a left hook. Ward lands a huge 2 punch combo on the inside and Pudwill is hurt. He goes down to a knee. He attempts to get up but goes back to the knee. He makes it up by the 8 count but he is badly cut under his eye. Ward goes to work and is landing punishing shots at will. He pleads with the ref to stop it but the fight continues. After some more vicious shots the ref calls it.

The winner by TKO in the 3rd, Andre "SOG" Ward

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