Kessler v. Perdomo: Round by Round

Kessler versus Perdomo is the first fight of the supermiddleweight double header. Showtime is wasting no time getting started. Sidenote, Antonio Tarver has officially joined the broadcast team.

Round 1:
Perdomo comes forward first throwing jabs and combinations. Perdomo looks tall and lean and may have a slight reach advantage. Kessler lands a a great straight. The crowd is really into the fight chanting Kessler's name. Perdomo has been quite busy in round one. Kessler gets a few jabs in and Perdomo stays busy and reddens Kessler's face with his jabs. Kessler lands a good right hand to end the round, the best punch of the round.

Spartan117: 10-9 Perdomo

Round 2:
Perdomo continues to stay busy in the second round. Kessler lands a stiff jab upstairs, and another. Kessler's is landing at a higher percentage now. Perdomo's southpaw stance is landing him so good jabs but not many power punches. Kessler counters with a left-right combo. Perdomo lands an overhand left. Kessler loads up the right hand but misses.

Spartan117: 10-9 Perdomo

Round 3:
Perdomo comes forward gain and works the body. Kessler is throwing some mean power punches now and is getting more aggressive. Perdomo is staying active and using some great upper body movement. The ref stops the action to warn Perdomo for a low blow. Kessler backs Perdomo against the ropes and unleashes a combo of power punches. Kessler lands a power punch on the shoulder and Perdomo goes down. Perdomo isn't hurt. It looked like the force of the punch pushed Perdomo down.

Spartan117: 10-8 Kessler

Round 4:
Kessler is finding his rhythm now. The force of his punches is amazing. Kessler catches Perdomo on the chin and Perdomo goes back to the ropes in trouble. Kessler smells blood and goes in for the finish throwing right and left power hooks. The ref stops it. It's over. It may have been a quick stoppage but I don't think Perdomo could have done much else.

The winner by TKO in the 4th, Mikkel "The Viking Warrior" Kessler

In the post-fight interview Kessler says he knew he had him hurt and had to step on the gas for the KO. He added that he can't wait for the Super Six Tournament.

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