BoxingWatchers.com U.K. Haye vs. Barrett Challenge!

The BoxingWatchers are a pretty tight-knit group, because we're all family. We're also all located (most of the time) in the same U.S. state, making it hard for us to see every fight we'd like to write about.

Case in point: Saturday's heavyweight debut for David Haye, taking on Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett. Normally we'd be all over a fight like that, but alas, it won't be televised in the States.

So now we're issuing a challenge to all of our readers in the U.K. We're asking one of you to step up and become one of the BoxingWatchers for a day. We'd love it if someone who was going to watch the fight anyway would do a live round-for-round report right here on the site.

If giving a running account of the Haye-Barrett fight and sharing it with the hundreds or perhaps thousands of readers who will visit the site on Saturday sounds like fun, don't wait. Email us at bw_staff@yahoo.com and let us know.

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