Margarito-Mosley Back On Again for Jan. 24

First it was a done deal. Last week it was apparently off. Now it looks as though Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley will face off in one of the first big boxing matches of 2009.

ESPN's Dan Rafael says the Margarito-Mosley fight will take place on Jan. 24 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Cash-strapped boxing fans should also be pleased to hear the bout will be aired on HBO, not pay-per-view.

According to Rafael, it was HBO who stepped in and made more money available for Margarito, who was unhappy with the initial financial arrangement. It was a strange stance from the welterweight champion, who spent years feeling like other boxers were avoiding him and enjoyed a reputation as someone who would fight anyone, anywhere.

Facing Mosley, who's looked pretty formidable over the last two years despite his advancing age, should help Margarito save some face. The Tijuana Tornado's next step also looks like it's decided, as Bob Arum told ESPN that he will move forward with a summer rematch with Miguel Cotto regardless of the outcome of the Mosley fight.

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uatu said...

It seems odd that Arum would move ahead with the rematch of Margarito Cotto either way. If Mosley wins, you would think a Cotto Mosley rematch, and then maybe the winner of that fights Margarito a second time.

In any event, I like Margarito in this one against Shane.