Chris Arreola vs. Travis Walker: Round By Round

HBO Boxing After Dark in HD brings the fighting viewers a double header tonight.

From Ontario, California.

Bob Papa and Max Kellerman handling the duties.

Arreola 254, Walker 231.

No messing around. Here comes Walker to the ring. He is met with quite a few boos. They show some highlights of his previous fights. Kellerman sells Walker as having a fighter's mentality. Let us hope so.

Arreola Witherspoon highlights. And the Nightmare is in the ring too.

Both men look like tough customers.

And away we go...

Round 1
Walker comes at Arreola immediately. Nice overhand by Arreola. Nightmare fighting with back on ropes exclusively. Big uppercut from walker. walker is dropping some bombs and a grasp. back in the middle. arreola doing very little. just keeping his hands up. walker's jab isn't very stiff. counter right from walker. left to the body from walker. this is looking doubtful to go the distance. both men looking to explode.

Uatu: Walker 10-9

Round 2
a little sloppy from both men technique wise. some brawling in the middle. walker hits with the hard straight right in the middle and arreola goes to a knee! walker doesn't look unbeatable but it doesn't look like you can slide by this guy if you aren't serious. there's a lot a talk of conditioning. walker is at his best, arreola not. arreola has his first moments. big cheers. arreola landing all kinds of power from both hands. and down goes walker! arreola trying to win it all! really giving it a go! walker down again! ten seconds. walker holding on for life. he gets out!

Uatu: Arreola 9-7?

Round 3
combo from arreola. huge left hook from arreola. down goes walker! and that's it. a nice barnburner that was sweet while it lasted.

Chris Arreola by KO in Round 3

Nice power from Arreola, and nice resilliance as well. He is a nice prospect and has a good fan base. It is doubtful that fighting like this is going to get you anything but decked repeatedly by the Klitschkos though. So, if this really isn't Arreola at his best, and if he will train that much harder against a Klitschko, who knows, maybe there's a chance.

Kellerman interviews.
Chris says Walker was just a very strong guy.
He says walker hit him right on the button, and walker is a strong motherf'er.
he says he was thinking "sh_t"
Arreola says he saw walker jabbing lazy so he came back over the top. he was looking for the hook and there it was, right on the button.

He says he needs to be in better shape for the Klitschkos. he wasn't concerned with his weight for this fight. he says he is already thinking about his weight for the next fight. he will be back in the gym on Monday.

afterwards papa says arreola needs to work on his language. funny

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