Calzaghe v. Jones Undercard LiveBlog

The first fight on the undercard is Dmitriy Salita vs. Derrick Campos in the junior welterweight class.  

Salita has the better speed and is the most active. Salita has a noticable reach advantage and he is a few inches taller.  According to the commentators he is the favorite in this fight.  Campos looks like a strong puncher.  Both fighters stay active early.  Campos is trying to get in close to land power shots.  Campos is throwing more shots but Salita is landing the harder cleaner shots.  In round 4 it Salita got into some trouble and slipped in the corner.  The ref took a break in the action to clean up some water in that corner.  

Salita stays busy as the fight enters the middle rounds.  A cut opens over the eye of Campos that is said to be caused by a punch.  Campos looks like he wants to turn this fight into a brawl by getting in close and throwing haymakers on the inside.  He's also lowering his shoulder into Salita.  Salita focuses on the body to slow down Campos' advances.  Lederman, the HBO unofficial judge, has had Salita winning every round going into the 6th.

Salita is dominating the fight as we get into the late rounds.  Campos is getting tagged with hard shots to the head and body through all 8 rounds.  Salita got tagged with a big combination late in the 8th but he fought through it.  If Salita had more power this fight would have been over by now.  

Between rounds Calzaghe sas that he is confident tonight that he will get the victory.  Max Kellerman asks "why Roy Jones?"  Calzaghe says that Jones is a great fighter and it's the final battle for him before retirement.  

Back to the fight.  Salita is still landing the punches but his defense has its flaws.  Campos has been getting good shots in.  Salita looks like he will stay undefeated as we go to the scorecards.
Salita wins by unanimous decision.

The second fight is an 8 round fight between Francisco Figueroa vs. Emanuele Augustus at junior welterweight.  Emmanuelle Augustus has an astonishing record of 37-29.  

Figueroa is the faster fighter but Augustus, being the verteran,  has more experience and is the more skilled boxer.  Augustus is pressuring Figueroa.  Figueroa is having trouble finding Augustus with anything big.  

Between rounds Max Kellerman interviews Roy Jones.  Jones says that he has chosen Calzaghe because he is the pound for pound best out there.  Jones says that B-Hop was the best then it went to Calzaghe.  Kellerman asks him for a trade secret, Jones says to check the hand speed.

Augustus is being elusive and also getting in and landing head shots.  The 5th round turns into a circus act.  Augustus starts his "drunken boxing" style and Figueroa mimics him.  Augustus starts to dance to taunt Figueroa and Figueroa matches.  Besides Augustus' unorthodox boxing style the fight has been lackluster.  Neither fighter is doing much to convincingly win rounds on the judges cards.  Leaderman has it even.  Figueroa is landing good counter shots.  In the last round both fighters are trading huge numbers of punches and not taking any breaks.  The crowd is getting into it now.  The last round is almost impossible to score.  

Figueroa wins by split decision


James "The Grim Reaper" Roper said...

What fights are on the undercard?

The Franchise said...

We've already seen Dmitriy Salita vs. Derrick Campos and right now is Francisco Figueroa vs. Emmanuelle Augustus. Still to come is Zab Judah vs. Ernest Johnson and I believe there may be one other fight as well.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I watched Lewis Collazo Vs Berto on HBO. Lenox Lewis openly cheered, rooted, supported Berto. They are both black, Haitians, Jamaicans whatever.

Max Kellerman didn't cheered for Dmitriy Salita, he put him down and went too far doing this.

The rationale behind Max Kellerman is simple - just because I and Salita are both jewish I'm not gonna cheer for him, I'm gonna show to people and my bosses on HBO that I'm objective

commentator. He wasn't objective, he over played himself, he went too far. For instance, he said "I'm not gonna recognize Salita as a world champion even if he wins a title." He didn't explain why. Because there 4 sanctioning bodies... Will he recognize other champions...? and only won't recognize Salita?

It is politically not correct any more for a jew to support, or at least wish well to another jew.

It's ok for blacks and hispanics to help and be nice to each other, but when it comes to jews like Max Kellerman it's another story. Kellerman wants to show his loyalty to HBO even if he has to put another jew down. You can't say he is antisemite because he is a jew.

But he knows it, and therefore he acts like antisemite because how can somebody accuse a jew in antisemitism...?

But this phenomenon is described well in literature and in history. Joseph Flavius is a perfect example. Some people will do whatever it takes to survive, to make a career. Acclaimed russian/jewish author Anatoliy Ribakov created a character of Joseph in his book Heavy Sand. Joseph surved the Nazis. Max Kellerman should know all those things he was history major at Columbia University.

Dmitriy Salita follows the footsteps of Joseph from the bible. Max Kellerman follows the footsteps of Joseph from Heavy Sand. That's when it comes to contemporary history. Remember what John Kennedy said, "It's not what your country did for you, it's what you did for your country." Dmitriy Salita is a great role model to jewish people, he was invited to White House his achievements are recognized. He fought a very good fight against Campos, and commentators from Europe's Setanta TV praised him, they are not jewish - they objective professionals from Great Britain without any bias, prejudice and antisemitism. When Margaret Tatcher was asked why there no antisemitism in England, she responded "We don't think jews are smarter than us."

P.S. Yesterday Luis Collazo was robbed, he clearly won the fight.Why Kellerman didn't cryticize Berto?