Replay: Steve Molitor vs. Celestino Caballero

Uatu caught the ShoBox OnDemand replay of this junior featherweight unification fight.

Caballero was impressive and is fun to watch too.
First of all, he is huge for 122. He is listed at 5'11". A fighter like Jeff Lacy is listed only at 5'10" for 168! Paul Williams, "the most feared man or avoided man on the planet" or whatever they call him, is listed a mere two inches taller than Caballero for 147. Whether that is a legit height for Caballero is beside the point, because either way this guy is extremely tall for his height.

So, you would think that Caballero is super dried-out for his fights, and would be very sparse in punch output, and wouldn't hit hard. And you might think that he stays behind a jab and keeps away from the other fighter and uses his range to rack up a points victory.

Neither could be farther from the truth.
Caballero stalked Molitor the entire time, he came forward the entire time, he threw a nice amount of punches, and he hit hard. He was winging hard shots to the body and some nice straight shots too.

THIS guy, might actually be or become the most avoided fighter.
Do you think Israel Vazquez, listed at 5' 41/2" or Rafael Marquez, listed at 5'5", want any part of this guy considering the type of fight it would be and the small amount of money he will bring in along with that? Doubtful.

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