Uatu Speaks: Thoughts on David Haye vs. Monte Barrett

This is one fight where any outcome is possible. Nothing would surprise Uatu. Why? Because you should not sleep on Monte Barrett. This guy can bring it.

Two Gunz has incredible heart. Although he has been knocked down, he gets up. He got up five times against Wladimir Klitschko! He got up twice against Nikolay Valuev as well. He may not have won those fights, but he still showed something.

Most impressively, he rose from the deck against Joe Mesi and proceeded to whip Mesi down the stretch. He may have lost the decision, but if you asked yourself the question, "Who would I rather be at the end of the fight?" you would have rather been Barrett.

Barrett has taken on a lot of name fighters during his career, which is not something that David Haye can claim. Barrett has also taken on some of the world's biggest punchers, so it is unlikely that Haye will hit him with something he has never felt before.

In fairness, Barrett has lost to some fighters that people had thought he should not have. But that doesn't change the fact that he can win this fight.

So that's why any outcome wouldn't be a surprise, as Haye has also been knocked out. So Barrett KO, Haye KO, decision either way could happen. Now, the safe pick is to go with Haye. He is the draw, the bigger name, the man supposedly on the rise and the one to electrify the heavyweight division. But this is also his first foray into the land of the giants, a place that Barrett knows well. If Haye blows Barrett out in the early rounds, he probably won't get a lot of credit for it. And even though this fight is viewed by Haye as just a stepping stone to greater things, it is still an interesting fight.

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