Paul Williams vs. Verno Phillips Round by Round

Paul Williams vows to campaign simultaneously in four weight divisions, which is absolutely amazing.

Here comes Verno to the ring.

Next is Williams.

and here we go

Round 1
phillips shows movement. williams throws a lot as usual. body and head. phillips unfazed. phillips has to back up a little. but he is circling. big accidental clash of heads. someone is bleeding. phillips doing a good job of in and out left and right. williams is the man bleeding. nice right from williams. decent round. neither man controlled completely. both men trying to work their respective game plan.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 2
phillips right to body. phillips cleary shows he knows what he is doing in there. williams with a decent shot. williams forces phillips back. he manages to dodge most of it. nice two way action. williams is working phillips back. phillips lands a combo. phillips lands two more. phillips gets in a solid right. the cut is bleeding nicely. the last 15 seconds are fought in the phone booth so it's impossible to type every punch. both men doing some serious swinging with phillips up against the ropes. williams goes to the body to close.

Uatu: Phillips 10-9

Round 3
phillips is trying that left but not much luck. this is a good scrap being fought at a high level. williams really pressing and throwing hard to the body. perhaps the cut has him urgent. both men land nice shots. williams really trying to work the body with strafing hooks. phillips still bringing it though. williams throws about 7 unanswered. the ref stops the fight to check on the cut. time in. phillips back to the circling.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 4
lederman has all 3 williams.
williams has phillips trapped in the corner and throws a few hard shots. phillips does a good job of blocking everything though. phillips loses his balance for a moment of drama. williams starting to land some hard leather. williams is controlling the ring. williams throwing frequently but not quite as haphazardly as he did against margarito. philllips blocking a lot but he can't get them all. phillips falls but no knockdown. both men are making a concerted effort to go to the body. have to give it to williams. phillips is game but williams physicality and frequency are getting the nod.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 5
every round has looked the same style wise. williams does the stalking. phillips does the moving. eventually they get to places in each other's range. phillips sneaks in a 1-2. for the most part williams forces phillips back. half way through they are in the phone booth again. no real serious punches land though. both men are showing grit and defense. they have thrown a similar amount of punches. it will be interesting down the stretch to see if anyone tires from this pace. there were a ton of punches thrown both ways that round but many blocked.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 6
williams on his toes a little more. a little of the stick and move with the jab. phillips gets backed into the corner. kellerman wants to see a different style from phillips. agreed. this has been a good showing but it has been to williams favor. williams is digging the body. four puncher from williams. williams may have stunned phillips. the veteran gets through it with no problem

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 7
it was a nice left to the head that got phillips. phillips on the bike to start. lederman has it 6-0. both men go down in heap but it's a slip. williams being so tall it was quite a tangled fall. it's easier said than done. but phillips corner is yelling not to back straight up. that is probably good advice. phillips got hit with some big body shots there. phillips is still throwing hard in spots. when he throws big his guard comes open though.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

Round 8
phillips begins with the usual movement. williams catches up eventually. williams uncorks maybe 9 unanswered. none land head, some decent body work. a brief period of inactivity ensues. some grabbing in the middle. this is a slower round so far. back to the phone booth but neither are throwing. just some leaning both ways. is either man tiring perhaps? left from phillips. paul misses with a right uppercut. williams goes off with some double hooks. williams ends the round with 7 straight punches, maybe 2 land. but they are hard to the body. as many have been.

Uatu: Williams 10-9

What!? The fight has been stopped. HBO says due to the cut. HBO claims it was a savage beating, but honestly, Phillips looks absolutely fine.

But interestingly, Lederman says it was PHILLIPS'S corner that created the stoppage. Was it the doctor, the corner, the fighter?

Buffer says that the ref stopped the fight on the advice of the physician.
TKO end of Round 8, Paul the Punisher Williams

Uatu would never want to see a fighter hurt, so if that's the call, then who is he to argue. Fight over.

Williams rates his performance at the top since he won.
The headbutt let him know it was time to go to work.

Kellerman asks him about his 3 ko's straight at different classes.
Does he want to call anyone out?
He says no. He lets his team make the decisions.

Can he still make 147?
He says he came in today at 153, so yes he can make it.

Decent fight. Not exactly one for the ages, but it was worth watching. Phillips gave it a shot. Williams is just too big and sturdy and active with hard shots, especially to the body. He isn't necessarily going to win every fight, but between 147-160 there isn't anyone who is going to have an easy night with Williams. He could beat anyone with his style and size.

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