Betting Odds on Jermain Taylor vs. Jeff Lacy

Just out of curiousity, Uatu took a look at http://www.docsports.com/ to check out the betting odds on Saturday's Jermain Taylor - Jeff Lacy fight on HBO. Usually, Uatu likes to take underdogs at a good price when he thinks the odds are longer than the real chances of the underdog winning. Normally taking the favorite is not worth it. Although he will reserve his official pick until later this week, he wanted to take a look at the odds for the opposite reason this time, because he is confident in Bad Intentions in this fight.

http://www.superbook.com/ had the best odds for Taylor.
Taylor -490
Lacy +430

So Taylor is a heavy favorite in this fight. Uatu was hoping for closer odds than this. Apparently, the oddsmakers have the same view of this fight. So, Uatu likes the play of taking Taylor, but not putting a whole lot of money on it, because Taylor is such a big favorite.

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