And When He Looked, His Moon Had Turned to Gold

Uatu is happy to have Hatton back in the win column. He is not a fan of his per se, but he adds so much energy to a fight and promotion because of the fan support he gets, that it is always great to have him around and in big fights.

Uatu is actually a fan of the "There's Only One Ricky Hatton" song being sung over and over soccer style, and his entrance to Blue Moon is Uatu's personal favorite entrance of any fighter.
Hatton and his fans made the weigh in for Hatton-Mayweather more exciting than some actual fights! That band in the stands multiplies the entertainment factor all by itself.

Hatton is guaranteed at least one more superfight in his future. Whichever fight he ends up taking, presumably the winner of Oscar-Manny, it is sure to bigger than this fight with Paulie, and it has a chance of being close to as big as his fight with Floyd. So that means even more Mancunians in Vegas to look forward to.

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uatu said...

One more forgotten thought. Hatton beat Paulie.
A winner emergers from the Dream Match.
That winner fights Hatton.
And quite possibly, maybe that draws one Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather out of retirement for a rematch with Oscar or Hatton, or a superfight with Manny for a ton of money and all the marbles.