Roy Jones, Jr. vs. Joe Calzaghe: Weigh-in Report

Uatu will be performing his Watchers duty today as he watches the weigh-in for the Jones, Jr. Calzaghe fight on hbo.com and on ESPNEWS. A full report will be forthcoming.

This is no comment on their present fighting skills, or the shape that they are in and how that will affect who is to win this fight, or as a comment on what might happen, but just an observation. Facially speaking, at some of press conferences this week, Roy looks old. He actually looks older than Bernard and much older than Calzaghe. Probably just genetics.

Hbo has begun their streaming. Right now it is just a real time camera view of the ring. It looks like they will be doing the weigh-in right on the floor of MSG and the ring is already set up.

It is 4pm and it is supposed to go down at 4:05pm eastern time. No sound yet. There are some people milling about, but it doesn't look like the scene of a weigh-in yet.

This doesn't look like a great set up. There's no way this is going to have the electricity of the Hatton - Mayweather weigh-in, or some of the Pacquiao - Marquez, Morales, Barerra ones, or some of the Hopkins or De La Hoya or Trinidad or Vargas weigh-ins. Is this weigh-in open to the public? Hopefully it is just the camera angle that makes it appear this way, but right now the view makes it look like no one is there.

Sound has turned on. It is 4:05

Buffer is on the mic, and there is crazy amounts of static. It is to the point that he is completely incomprehensible. It is probably only on the webcast. And the problem is fixed.

They have some undercard guy get back on the scale for the commission and he makes weight presumably. There wasn't an announcement of who he was.

Due to the angle, it is uncertan how many people are there. And Buffer is ready to start officially.

First onto the scales: Roy
His physique is ridiculous as expected.
174 1/2 pounds.
He certainly does not look old in that respect.

Joe up next. He gets some cheers.
174 1/2 pounds.
Joe looks fit as well.

They look to be exactly the same height in the pose off.
Roy thanks us all for following his career. He says he is back and ready to go.
Joe says he is excited. He promises an awesome show and says he will still be undefeated.

Roy looks the slightest bit more muscular, but only slightly. They really match up quite well.
Should be an interesting fight.

Not anywhere near the most exciting weigh-in ever, but Uatu is a sucker for all of the weigh-ins. They are always a great way to get pumped up for a big fight.

Zab Judah weighs in at 144 1/2. He is clearly in shape, but he isn't quite as ripped as he has been in the past.

Ernest Johnson is 144.

ESPNNEWS did not do a live broadcast.

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