Quick Thoughts on Dream Match 24/7 Episode #2

That was the best episode of 24/7 or Countdown that has been shown in awhile. Some of the previous episodes had been kind of stale.

There was some legit sparring footage, even though it wasn't complete, some of the other fighters had refused to show sparring footage at all, so that was nice.

And even though the fame of Manny has been shown before, to Uatu's knowledge, this was the first interview with his parents, and his crew of hangers-on are a funny addition as well.

HBO has also shown Oscar's family before, including his relationship with his father, but this may have been the first focus on his mother's extended side, his family still in Mexico.

Add in a sprinkle of Angelo Dundee, a bit of Freddie Roach not liking Nacho, and you have yourself an entertaining episode.

So far, 24/7 has just added strength to Uatu's early prediction of a Manny win. He just looks way too fast for Oscar. He has enough power to keep Oscar honest to go with that speed, and he will have the superior cardio. Oscar still has the equalizer in the left hook, but if Manny is too fast to be found with it, it could be a long and frustrating night for the Golden Boy. Oscar's power could be a factor though. Juan Manuel Marquez did sort of wobble Manny, and Oscar would presumably hit harder than him. JMM though may have a level of crispness and accuracy in his punches that not even Oscar can match.


mark said...

you have a link to view the second episode?

The Franchise said...

Yahoo! Sports posted the first episode but I think that was just to draw people in for HBO. I don't think they will post Episode 2 but I will put up a link if they do.

uatu said...

espn.com had episode 1, it doesn't look like #2 is up yet