Predictions: Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce

Uatu says...

You can't always predict a fight just based on the last fight of each boxer. Shane Mosley took 12 rounds to knock out Ricardo Mayorga, and Margarito was able to give Cotto his first loss and did it by KO. That in part led to all three BoxingWatchers coming to a prediction of a Margarito victory. Surprises do happen, and with 20/20 hindsight you can look back on a fight and see some aspects of a fighter that maybe you overlooked or didn't give enough attention to.

But I will not let that one fight make me sway from my confidence in making a pick in the Vic - Arce fight. Vic looked great in his last fight against better competition. He was a complete wrecking machine and looked unbeatable. If he comes in with that kind of determination and preparation for Arce, then Arce is going down and he is going out early.

I enjoy Arce - he's exciting, everyone knows he is charismatic and such. His first fight with Hussein Hussein was a particularly awesome blood and guts fight. I was surprised to see that he is actually some four years younger than Vic. But he has had many more fights and he is smaller than Vic.

I can't see how Arce is going to win this fight. I think Vic is just too big and strong and he will probably be fresher. I see a big Vic victory. Vic Darchinyan by KO and it comes early, before the seventh.

The Franchise says...

There's not going to be anything subtle about this fight, so there's no need to break it down like it's going to be a chess match. This should be a slugfest, the kind that you may want to show to your friends who aren't boxing fans.

If the war of words leading up to the fight is any indication, it should also be entertaining for as long as it lasts. While anything can happen when the leather starts flying, Darchinyan seems to be bigger and more confident and probably has the edge in boxing skills if (and that's a big if) those actually come into play.

Uatu and I don't agree all that often, and it isn't necessarily a good thing when we do (see our Margarito-Mosley picks for evidence). But I see it the same way on this one, with Darchinyan winning by mid-round KO.

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