Roach Comments on Magarito Controversy

During tonight's Friday Night Fights, ESPN2 host Brian Kenny interviewed trainer Freddy Roach about the plaster that was almost added into Antonio Margarito's gloves against Shane Mosley last week.

Roach was asked how dangerous the plaster can be. Roach explained that the plaster can become "as hard as a rock" and can do some serious damage. He added that a sparring partner of Margarito's suffered a broken eye socket and that he suspects that this substance was in Margarito's gloves for all of his sparring sessions.

Kenny asked Roach what he believes would be a suitable punishment. Roach suggested that Margarito and his trainer Javier Capetillo should be "banned from boxing for life" and that this is one of the most criminal offenses in all of the sport.

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