Alexis Camacho vs. Carlos Molina - Friday Night Fights Round By Round

The Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan is the site for this week's Friday Night Fights main event. It's a battle of Mexican welterweights as Alexis Camacho battles Carlos Molina.

Molina is only 25, and he's 14-1-1. He gave Julio Cesar Chavez all he could handle twice but lost one and earned a draw in the other. The 27-year old Camacho is 17-1 after going 1-1 in 2008. His last 16 victories have all been by KO.

Referee Steve Smoger gives the instructions and we're set for ten rounds of boxing.

Round One

Both men open with jabs. Molina is more active and throws a few hooks. He ducks away as Camacho throws a hook of his own. Molina tries to come inside but finds Camacho covering up well. Molina mixes up jabs to the head and body. Not the firefight we may have expected so far.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Two

The taller Camacho is having trouble finding the range. Molina pops a few jabs and stays moving. Camacho tries a few lefts to the body, but Molina lands a right coming forward. A three-punch combo produces a nice left for Molina. He bulls his way in and ties up. Camacho swings and misses and is quickly caught by some shots in response.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Three

Camacho tries to step it up and comes out with more aggression. Molina calmly returns to working off his jab. Both men score with some hooks and Molina adds a straight right. Camacho backs him up but is still fairly inaccurate. A nice exchange sees both men land some shots. Camacho is much busier but Molina is still connecting with more clean punches.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Four

Jabs and hooks are still the preferred plan of attack for Molina. Camacho tries to come forward but is eating more than he's landing. Nice right to the body by Molina. Left-right to the head follows. Molina circles to his right to escape trouble and ties up when he needs it. More left hooks punctuate that round for him.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Five

Camacho hasn't been able to figure out his foe except for a bit of the third round. He walks into some left hands in the early going. Molina chases Camacho back across the ring throwing hooks and an uppercut. Camacho escapes some grappling and tries some body work. For someone not known for his defense, Molina is dodging a lot of punches. Camacho triples up on the left with some success. Molina clubs with his right hand and ties up. A left and a right stun Camacho just a bit at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Six

Camacho finally snaps a left hand and follows with some body shots. He's looking better in the first half of this round. Molina jabs and holds. Camacho doubles up to the body. He walks Molina back into the ropes, trying to land some uppercuts. Molina digs in and tries to make it a slugfest in the final 10 seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Camacho

Round Seven

Molina is doing a nice job getting inside, where both men are scoring to the body. Molina lands an uppercut and more jabs. He lands a right-left combo to the head and another body shot. Camacho comes right back with a straight right. He's bleeding just a bit from the nose. Molina bulls his way in as Camacho covers up. Molina lands a series of jabs in the closing seconds of the round.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round Eight

Camacho fires out with some more urgency. He lands some body shots and does a better job keeping Molina off of him. Both men connect with hooks in close. Camacho is still missing a lot of shots, though Molina ia not doing much in this frame. A straight right looks like it may have gotten Molina's attention, but he responds with a two-punch combo right at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Camacho

Round Nine

I think Camacho will need at least a knockdown to have a chance. He's giving it a shot with a series of left hooks. Molina throws an uppercut amidst a series of incoming punches. Both men land in the center of the ring. Camacho is throwing a ton of punches but not many are clean. Molina connects with an uppercut and straight shots with both hands. He turns it on and knocks Camacho back with another combo.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Round 10

Camacho is dealing with some swelling near his right eye as we head for home. Both men are definitely game as they both wing shots. Molina goes to work with two left hooks. He scores with an uppercut as Camacho tries to answer. Wide left and right from Molina. He batters Camacho with more left hands and ducks his head down to get inside. Two more vicious left hooks find the mark and Camacho is lucky his opponent doesn't have more power.

Franchise: 10-9 Molina

Franchise scores it 98-92 for Molina. The judges score it 97-93, 98-92 and 100-90, all to the winner, Carlos Molina.

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