Juan Diaz on Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN

Today's show included a feature on Juan Diaz.

Willie Savannah went into Juan's early life as a fat kid. But he was a fat kid that never stopped training.

They showed some of his gym work hitting bags and the like.

Diaz says his body is broken down from the 8 weeks of training.
They showed shots of him in the classroom at the University of Houston--Downtown.
He said the routine is not fun, but he is immune to it now.

He is about to get his bachelor's in political science. He has three classes to go.
He is the first in his family to get through high school, and now graduating college.

He is showing it is possible to live the American Dream.

The segment was supershort. Maybe 2-3 minutes. Still, it was some good exposure for Diaz, and even though the hardcore fans know his story from HBO, the greater masses of ESPN fans most likely don't know who he is, much less his story. So it gets an A-.

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