Ward v. Buchanan: Undercard LiveBlog

The first fight is between Joshua Allotey and John Molina at lightweight.  Allotey is 15-6 and Molina is undefeated with a 14-0 record.  

The commentators are talking Molina up to have a lot of power in both hands.  He has scored a knockdown in all of his fights except for 2.  Both fighters show solid boxing technique to start the fight.  They didn't clinch once in round 1.  Both Molina and Allotey were hit cleanly numerous times and could benefit from polishing their defense.   

Molina has been dominating Allotey through round 2 and 3.  Allotey goes down hard in round 3 from what he called a low blow.  The replay shows that it wasn't even close.  He was hit clearly in the ribs.  He has been on the canvas for about 2 minutes now.  The ref is giving him 5 minutes total and it looks like Allotey is going to take it all.  Allotey is up now.  His face is badly swollen.  

Allotey comes back after about 3 and a half minutes.  Allotey doesn't speak english so we aren't sure he understood the ref and doctor.  Allotey gets rocked with a body shot and he wants no business fighting Molina any more.  He stays on the canvas.  Fight over.  

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