Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez: Round By Round

Tonight's World Championship Boxing broadcast originates from the Toyota Center in Houston with a doubleheader featuring two hometown boxers. In the first fight, Houston native and former U.S. Olympian Rocky Juarez takes on Chris John, the undefeated featherweight champ making his first appearance in the United States.

Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman give an overview of the state of the featherweight division. The tale of the tape show John and Juarez pretty even in most aspects, though John is tall for a featherweight and has a few inches on Juarez.

John is 42-0, with his most notable win coming in a somewhat disputed decision over Juan Manuel Marquez. Juarez is 28-4, with his losses coming to Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera and Humberto Soto.

Michael Buffer handles the introductions. The fans are solidly behind Juarez, as you might expect.

Round One

Both men looking to establish the jab. The crowd is urging Rocky on in the early going. John's jab looks sharper thus far. Juarez digs to the body but John is quick to tie up. Nice right hand upstairs from John. Good counter lefts by both men in close. John whacks a right to the body. Rocky responds with a right to the head. More wrestling draws boos from the fans. Left hook by John with 10 left in the round.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Two

John's corner tells him to keep his distance using his jab. He fires it early but Juarez has his going too. Juarez tries the body and forces John back. Sharp one-two by John. He circles away as Juarez flurries. John uses his jab to keep Juarez at bay, then throws to the body. Kellerman likes Rocky's body work. Juarez moves in with several more body blows as Juarez tries to fire back. Good combo by John right at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Juarez

Round Three

John starts off a little faster in this frame. Emanuel Steward is impressed with both fighters' defense so far. John tries two two-shot combos to the head. Juarez still coming forward but John hits him and moves away. Rocky is having more trouble getting inside at the moment. A right by John and a counter right by Juarez. John tries an uppercut as Juarez tries the body again. Nice exchange at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Four

Another jabbing contest to start this round. John throws some right hands too. Triple jab and a right by John. He covers up as Juarez fires hooks to the body. The ref is busy as John looks to tie up. John's hand speed is helping him get off first most of the time. Good counter shots by Juarez and the crowd responds. Rocky moves in and both men land. John lands a few more punches off the jab in the closing seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Five

Juarez has a tiny bit of swelling near his right eye. Juarez bulls forward, shrugging off jabs to get in close. Good right hand by Rocky and the ref warns John for hitting behind the head. Here comes Juarez with more body shots but John digs in and knocks him back. Straight right by John and Rocky is cut. Now Juarez fires back with a counter right. Both men thump in close. That was a tight round.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Six

Rocky's corner asks him to pick up the pace. He tries to oblige but John is still quicker to the punch. Right hook by John and he backs off. John throws his right over Juarez's jab. They lock up along the ropes and the ref has his hands full. Both guys are still covering up well and not getting caught with tons of flush punches. John goes upstairs; Juarez tries the body. Juarez tumbles forward but it's correctly ruled a slip. Three-punch combo by John. The crowd tries to rally Juarez but he's smacked by another solid right.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Seven

John is still getting off several shots to every one for Juarez. Nice left by Rocky. The announcers say Juarez is fighting as well as they've ever seen, but John has been better. John lands about five shots in a row. He looks very confident right now. John is also clinching when he needs to. Juarez lands a few to the body. John just misses with a left uppercut, but he does hit with a straight right. A right hook by John is the best punch in a two-way exchange.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round Eight

Juarez runs right into several jabs. There's a nice combination in response punctuated with a left hook. John shakes it off and goes back to work. Juarez snaps a few jabs. Two lefts and a right to the body by Rocky. He lands a few more in tight. Sharp right by Rocky and they trade along the ropes. John uses an uppercut to back Juarez off a step. Great action in the final 10 seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Juarez

Round Nine

John goes back to his jab and left hook. He ties up quickly when Juarez moves in. Right hand over the top by John. Rocky lands a right and eats two shots in return. Double jab and more shots follow from John. The ref has to separate the two boxers again. Rocky digs to the body yet again but John still has plenty of energy. Juarez lands a nice right and John comes right back with his own. That round was pretty close.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round 10

John threw 120 punches last round. Juarez closes the distance but John forces him right back. Left hook by Juarez answered by an uppercut. Left hook by Juarez and John answers. Juarez eats a right and a left. Another right and a left from John, and they tie up. Juarez goes body and head. Rocky snaps a left but John has another uppercut for him. John's quick hands have not slowed down. Juarez is still scoring, but he's being outworked.

Franchise: 10-9 John

Round 11

Both corners are giving their men very good advice, which doesn't happen all the time. Harold Lederman scored the last round even. Juarez gets the crowd going with a counter left. John is moving well and won't be cornered. John landing many jabs but not much else. Juarez lands two hooks. Both men land and Juarez isn't giving up. The crowd chants for him again. Left hook and a right upstairs by Rocky. John digs in as they trade. Big right hand by Juarez right before the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Juarez

Round 12

Rocky's trainer tells him to listen to the crowd supporting him. He comes straight forward and John greets him with head shots. Nice right by Juarez but a sharp hook comes back. Good action with both men connecting. A left hook snaps John's head. Ninety seconds to go. Nice right by Juarez and a combo comes back from John. Both men are laying it all out there. John goes right down the pike with a right. John steps back and tries to clinch. Punches land both ways in a very entertaining ending to a really good fight.

Franchise: 10-9 Juarez

Franchise scores it 116-112 for John. All three judges score it 114-114, and the fight ends in a draw.

Posted by The Franchise


Anonymous said...

It is a homecooking decision for Juarez. What a disgrace. John should win the bout.

uatu said...

well there we have it. John is for real. I missed the first two rounds, but from what I saw I thought John was winning.

Nick Tylwalk said...

I didn't think that was all-out robbery, as I did score two rounds for John that I felt were pretty close. Had I given them both to Juarez, I would have had a draw too. It would have been a stretch, but not an outrageous one.

Now had Juarez won, I would have had a big problem with that...

ICUH8N said...

Now John knows how Marquez felt.

uatu said...

indeed. just like JMM did, John will land on his feet after this.

Anonymous said...

ICUH8N: Why you compare this fight Chris John vs Rocky Juarez agains Chris John Vs Juan Manuel Marquez???

The fight really different, JMM got a problem to landing the punch and CJ can Landing more punch to JMM, in this case CJ Landing more significant punch to Rocky Juarez, You can check the compubox stats.

And another different stories: no single one refree on Chris John Vs Juan Manuel Marquez come from Indonesia, even the judges, but on the fight between Chris John and Rocky Juarez all of the refrees and judges are American. What a Shame on You Houston.

Anonymous said...

Its not robbery, it's just a decision to save a hometown boxer from embarrasment to earn the first lost at home and to save his career thought.

Anonymous said...

chris john should win that fight.. unfortunately, he must fight with 2 persons.... Rocky and referee....

I think the first scenario before the match is Rocky win but because Chris john dominate the fight...so the result is draw,,,, ^^

Anonymous said...

and what are you people think about the referee's taps on CJ?

uatu said...

hopefully there will be a rematch to settle all of this.

it's doubtful it will ever happen, but maybe jmm would want to avenge his loss to john.

Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible to see CJ vs JMM, JMM fight in 140 lb now.

John should move on try to beat a better boxer than Rocky.

uatu said...

looking over ESPN's 126 rankings, there really isn't another big name (at least in the US) for John to fight except for Rocky. Luevano is a decent name, but nowhere near Juarez's.

135 has a slew of names. Doubt he would want to jump straight there, although for the right $ he probably would.

130 is thin too with some of the names going to 135 for the Golden Boy card.

Maybe John versus Guerrero? Could be decent.

Anonymous said...

poor Rocky...statistic + outcome is not equal to draw...everyone knows the business here, they just want to get him another title shot before it's really over...but I thought it's already over...feel sorry to rocky, he's a good fighter but he's just not born to be a champ...I'm not surprised if the rematch can be controversial...unless CJ really knock him out...

ICUH8N said...

Cruz, I mentioned JMM vs CJ because JMM got robbed, much worse than CJ got robbed in this fight. The point deductions against JMM were bullshit. Everytime CJ landed a punch, the announcers and crowd would go crazy as if JMM was on the verge of getting KO'd. JMM was outboxing him BIG time, even with the BS point deductions, I still had JMM winning. All I said is now CJ knows how JMM felt, Marquez's situation was MUCH worse though.

uatu said...

Got around to watching the complete John-Juarez fight and the John-JMM fight.

I thought JMM beat John and I thought John beat Juarez.

Doesn't change anything, just my two cents.

maybe john would havea little more power if he moved up a few pounds.

Anonymous said...

IMHO John the winner

Ekaandri said...

john is the winner.. the result is impossible and unexpectable.
this is the factor why the result is draw :
- TEXAS (host of fight) => is juarez places and born.
- and the 3 judge is from america
- The fans of juarez is crowded to the stadium (99,98 percent is fans of juarez)
- the promotor is going to support juarez.

I think CJ is the trully winner..

Good for john.

and Poor for juarez.

Unknown said...

I think John must be winner , everybody knows,Its very not fair

Anonymous said...

Man - that fight was 118-112 to John. What a disgraceful decision.