Breidis Prescott vs. Humberto Toledo - Friday Night Fights Round By Round

Undefeated Breidis Prescott moves up to the main event of Friday Night Fights to take on Ecuador's Humberto Toledo.

The 24-year old Prescott is 20-0 with 18 KOs. He put himself on the map with a thrilling first-round KO of Amir Khan last September. Toledo is 34-5-2 and is giving up quite a bit of height to the very tall Prescott.

We're set to go for a scheduled 10 rounds.

Round One

Prescott pumps away with the jab. Toledo comes charging forward but runs into some hooks. Prescott digs to the body and eats a left coming back. It's a super fast pace with both men swinging away. Prescott returns to the body along the ropes. He's just missing some big shots upstairs. A left hand knocks Toledo off balance for a moment. A nice right scores for Prescott right before the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Two

Prescott stays with his jab, and Toledo's only option so far has been to literally run at his opponent. Nice one-two to the head by Prescott. Toledo lands a right but Prescott goes back on the attack. Now a nice exchange breaks out in the middle of the ring. Toledo sneaks in a couple of right hands. Teddy Atlas wants to see more body punching from Prescott.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Three

Toledo tries to rough things up on the inside but Prescott backs away. Prescott throws hooks with both hands. Toledo smirks a bit as he comes forward. Nice right hand by Prescott and he avoids the return fire. Both men swing away with about 45 seconds to go. Neither guy is getting cheated on his punches right now.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Four

Toledo may be best served by turning this into a wild brawl, as Prescott seems willing to stand and trade. Prescott has a bit of a cut caused by a headbutt. Toledo charges forward and makes it ugly again. Prescott stands and throws a bunch of wide shots. The ref warns him for a low blow. Toledo slugs his way forward but misses most of his punches. Prescott's jab starts to flow again. Here comes Prescott, shrugging off a right hand and scoring with both of his own.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Five

Toledo connects with a right hand and ducks some of Prescott's hooks. A right from Prescott knocks Toledo back a step and they circle around. Breidis is doing all he can to keep Toledo off of him. Both men missing a lot right now. Toledo turns southpaw trying to find something, as neither man landed anything too devastating in that frame.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Six

Both men look to the body. Toledo throws with both hands to the head. Prescott jabs and tires a left hook. More jabs from Breidis. Toledo is still pushing the pace, he just is too inaccurate. Atlas thinks Prescott is getting a bit frustrated. His movement and height have really served him well though.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Seven

Joel Casamayor is in the house. Toledo tries chasing again. Prescott dodges numerous shots along the ropes and whacks away with a hook. He's complaining about more headbutts. Toledo having a lot of trouble finding the target as Prescott stays elusive. Two nice left hooks hit Toledo, who needs the ropes to hold himself up and gets a standing eight from the ref.

Franchise: 10-8 Prescott

Round Eight

We'll see if Prescott can close the show, and he lands a hook and an uppercut. Toledo is still battling. Prescott steps back and fires the uppercut. Body shot by Prescott and more left hands. The counter left is there whenever he wants it. The ref takes a point away from Toledo for holding and hitting.

Franchise: 10-8 Prescott

Round Nine

Prescott is still bouncing around. Toledo bulls forward and hopes for one big shot. Several jabs by Breidis. Prescott touches Toledo upstairs and moves away. He's sticking and moving and not getting lured into a firefight. Toledo runs right over Prescott and the ref correctly says it's not a knockdown.

Franchise: 10-9 Prescott

Round Ten

Only a home run shot could save Toledo at this point. He lands a right hand but Prescott ties him up. More roughhousing breaks out and the ref disqualifies Toledo. It looks like he bit Prescott right on the base of the neck. Replays sure make it look like he was bitten, and the referee confirms that's why the fight was stopped.

The winner by disqualification at 1:58 of Round 10... Breidis Prescott.

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