Quick Thoughts: Darchinyan-Arce Ad Campaign and Barrera-Khan

  • I'm not sure if I'm only seeing it a lot because I visit a lot of boxing sites on my computer, but I love the internet ad campaign for this weekend's Vic Darchinyan-Jorge Arce fight. If you haven't seen it, it's an animated ad that bills the bout as "The Destroyer vs. The Brawler" and features some cool graphics with the flags of each fighter's home country. Good stuff.
  • It's with a small amount of amusement that I read that Marco Antonio Barrera would be going after "Amir Khan's suspect chin and shaky defense" when they fight in March. It's funny because by all accounts MAB was cut pretty badly by a headbutt last Saturday, so maybe the fight can be arranged so that the first man to land a really clean head shot wins. Joking aside, I am actually interested for the fight, though I don't know I'd say it "has the potential to be a classic" like the AP writer does.

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