Betting the Marquez vs. Diaz Fight

After I made a prediction, I decided to check the current odds. Amazingly, the site I checked out, which I will not name since I am about to rip them, listed the fight as "Juan M Marquez vs. Julio Diaz" which is sort of an honest mistake, I guess, and listed the undercard fight as "Chris Byrd vs. Rocky Juarez" which is a much worse mistake. In that case, I'll take Chris Byrd -300, provided he can make weight.

Seriously though, on a different site, vegasinsider.com, Juan Diaz is an underdog, at +140, and since I picked him to win, as the slimmest of underdogs, I like the bet on him as well.

Looking over a few big fights upcoming, I don't think I would bet either way on Bradley-Holt
Bradley -170
Holt +140

But I like a bet on Manny as the favorite over Hatton.
Manny -250
Hatton +195.

My guess there is that there will be a lot of British fan money on Hatton making the odds closer than they deserve to be, and I like Manny to win anyway.

Posted by uatu


Anonymous said...

Haha. Marquez-Julio Diaz and Chris Byrd - Juarez. What a joke betting site. :D

I put some money ($175.00) on Marquez, I believe he still is the master boxer, and Juan Diaz won't be able to impose his style on Marquez.

I also like Manny to win over Hatton, but I won't have any money to bet on that until Marquez wins some for me. :)

uatu said...

that's a lot of dough on JMM. certainly not a sure thing either way.

uatu said...

solid win for jmm and you

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I won $100.00 from my $175.00 investment. I thought Juan Manuel Marquez will win easier than the actual fight though.

Nevertheless, I won some and now hopes the Pacman wins.

JMM and Pacman are just neck-to-neck the best fighters in the world with contrasting styles. Yet JMM now slugs more than his usual boxing style and Pacman boxes more than his usual slugging style.

They should meet again. :)

Nick Tylwalk said...

I think most hardcore fans would agree that they should meet again, as not much was settled during the first two meetings. The "problem" as I see it right now is that Manny is now one of the top dogs in the sport and is in line for just about every big-money fight people can dream up between 135 and 147 pounds. For all his genius in the ring, JMM doesn't have the name recognition with the general public.

But perhaps that is starting to change a bit. I think we'll see them cross paths again eventually, the question will be when.

That's also a good point you make about Manny and JMM moving toward each other a little bit style-wise. That would only make a third meeting that much more compelling though...

uatu said...

I wonder about jmm's age though. if manny waits long enough, he will still be prime and jmm will keep slipping ever so slightly.

although there's always the chance that manny's lifestyle catches up with him too.