Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz: Round by Round

interesting. tonight jmm = 140. diaz = 139.

Diaz enters to a spanish-language song. Good applause.

Next to enter is JMM. Good applause as well.

Kellerman makes the case for JMM actually being pound for pound #1. If he wins tonight, and especially convincingly, I might agree with him.

This fight is for, I believe, four different belts.

Rafael Ramos is handling the ref duties.

It's not a Golden Boy fight unless Bernard and/or Shane are there somewhere. I don't see them in the ring, but post-fight maybe they will be lurking around.

and here we go...

Round 1
three punches from jmm after jabs. diaz brings the pressure and both men are actually throwing with conviction. diaz is showing some caution. not any more. diaz is working jmm against the ropes. this has the makings of a barnburner. diaz blocks while advancing and then does his work. kellerman thinks jmm is adjusting already. both men trading. diaz got in a really big shot towards the end. jmm snapped back but wasn't discouraged. he throws back without fear. exciting opening round.

Uatu: Diaz 10-9

Round 2
jmm threw the most he has ever thrown in his career in the opening round. diaz approaches and jmm moves away. a little more caution both ways. jmm is doing his jabs and circling. diaz gets him to the ropes again. every time it goes ropes I fear for jmm. huge left hook from diaz but he is trying to fight his way out of it. my opinion, jmm needs to be a little less brave. but that's why he is great. see: his manny fights. four punches to jmm's head. even number of punches landed for both men. hard to keep up with this. conditioning is going to be a big factor. hard to score perhaps, but the biggest punch landed was from diaz, and he lands the more thudding shots.

Uatu: Diaz 10-9

Round 3
the left hook from diaz was the money punch in round 2. harold has it 2-0 diaz. marquez jabs to body. he is circling again. both men feint in the middle. nice 1-2 from jmm. diaz gets him to the ropes again and does his diaz thing. another left hook from diaz. this is the fastest pace jmm has ever fought at. uppercuts from jmm but they get blocked. could score for him down the stretch. jmm manages to keep diaz off him momentarily. nice sneaky right from jmm. right hand from marquez. equal punches landed again. right to body from jmm. this is another close round, this round did not have the telling hook from diaz. could go either way. thought jmm had his best round.

Uatu: JMM 10-9

Round 4
harold has it 3-0 diaz. diaz gets in a significant body shot. triple jab from jmm. all blocked. diaz gets him on the ropes with strong shots again. max says jmm is landing harder. i disagree at this point. trade jabs. jmm jab to body. jmm threw 6 in a row. jmm is really throwing hard no question but not sure it's harder than diaz. jmm landed a 4 punch counter which was sweet. it just looks so precarious when diaz gets him against the ropes, but jmm is really handling himself well.. jabs from diaz snap the head back. this is quite a show. lampley says "why should a fight like this even be scored" and I have to agree.

Uatu: Diaz 10-9

Round 5
harold gave that round to jmm. marquez is getting some combos in now. diaz throws combos of his own. i love how jmm mixes in the uppercuts. diaz gets him to the ropes. marquez winning in the middle. diaz getting in straight shots against the ropes. neither man is ignoring the body. diaz another big hook. marquez rakes the body in the middle. right from jmm. this time he gets away from the ropes. but diaz gets him there again anyway and moves around jmm with some hard leather. and another left hook from diaz. jmm starting to bleed.

Uatu: Diaz 10-9

Round 6
this is one of those fights where every round is very close. I have diaz up nicely, but in theory he could have dropped 80% of those rounds. diaz outworking jmm. jmm pops him a few times and diaz gets that hook in again. same story. diaz gets him to ropes and goes to work. and again a few moments later. nice counters from jmm. a little lull in the action. jmm strongly fought his way off the ropes there. double jab. jmm is trying that uppercut and the men exchange some 8 punches. I thought JMM took this one. he was accurate and strong.

Uatu: JMM 10-9

Round 7
harold has it 4-2 diaz. not this time. diaz gets him to the ropes but doesn't get it done. jmm gets in a body hook. circling and jabbing. more center ring action so some nice lands from jmm. and diaz gets him to the ropes again. diaz is winging away. this is a serious pace. awesome combo in the middle from jmm. both men are landing hard shots in the last 15 seconds or so, once again making the round very hard to call. against the ropes, diaz was really hooking with power. in the middle, jmm rips off these amazing combos that very few other fighters can use.

Uatu: JMM 10-9

Round 8
uppercuts from jmm for diaz. and diaz bleeds. jmm looking good this round. hasn't gotten to the ropes and is uppercutting again. and there goes diaz again. but jmm escapes. uppercut again in the middle. a small lull and diaz advances again. diaz brings it and lands. JMM jabs body and gets away. jab exchange. jmm looking strong now. nice left hook from jmm. diaz got caught with a left hook and is stunned. he finally takes a step backwards. very good round for jmm. he stayed away from the ropes more than the others, got that uppercut working, and mixed in some hooks.

Uatu: JMM 10-9

Round 9
harold too gave that round to jmm. jmm is working it in the middle again. he has these nasty combos low and high. diaz moving in but not behind jabs. jmm is getting away just a tad easier. diaz doing some leaning and less throwing. he gets in a left hook though. diaz doesn't have the steam of the shots as before but he won't stop approaching. jmm is hitting him hard. and down goes DIAZ! jmm trying to go for it with 35 seconds. and that's it! JMM takes him out! what a performance! awesome stuff!

Diaz looks gassed and is still down on the canvas.
JMM actually looks fresh still.
overhand right stunned diaz for knockdown #1.
uppercut right handed got him for #2.

manny comments on how jmm mixes his punches body and head and I couldn't agree more. both men threw combos but jmm has "mixier" combos.

Diaz is up and looks fine.
winner by KO in round 9, Juan Manuel Marquez!

both men threw over 700 and landed close to 300.

max interviews JMM
how did you knockout diaz?
head movement and body movement to evade all the punches.

did diaz impose himself early?
he thought it was pretty even the first few rounds.

did you feel him weakening?
the 4th and 5th the punches were making him tender to the body.

is your business at lightweight done?
we are going to move up and face floyd mayweather(!)

what makes you think he will fight?
manny doesn't want to fight him, so it's mayweather.

turns to diaz
what happened in the middle rounds?
the blood in his eye was bothering him and he couldn't see.

didn't he learn from the campbell fight? (kind of a crappy question)
he kept fighting his heart out and kept trying.

couldn't he clinch?
his instincts took over and he said the hell with it and fought.

and there's bernard in the ring.

judges had it 77-75, 75-77, 76-76

Posted by uatu


ICUH8N said...

After the 2nd fight with Pacquiao, I was convinced Marquez was just as good if not better than Pacquiao. My hawaiin buddy didnt understand me, saying Pacquiao "whooped his ass twice", I guess I just didnt understand him. In my opinion, Marquez has fought much better fighters than Pacquiao after their 2nd fight proving he is better. Just my opinion of course. Cant wait to see Pacquiao vs Hatton, I'll probably have a different opinion after that fight lol.

uatu said...

manny is just so explosive. jmm can't seem to take manny's straight like he can everyone else's. JMM I thought outboxed manny in both fights, but those knockdowns gave manny enough extra points making it hard for jmm to win.

uatu said...

great stuff from jmm tonight, can't help but be impressed.

Nick Tylwalk said...

I give JMM big props for this performance but think he may be slightly insane for thinking Mayweather would come out of retirement to fight him. First off, he's not a big name with mainstream sports fans, so it wouldn't be enough money for Floyd to fight him. Also, I think an impressive showing like this would make Mayweather less likely to fight him, not more.

Floyd's not unretiring to take a fight he could possibly lose unless it's for a TON of money...

uatu said...

yeah I don't think that's going to happen.