Predictions: Maskaev vs. Peter, Campbell vs. Diaz

Uatu says...

Peter over Maskaev. Uatu is thinking a mid to late TKO. Peter is younger and stronger and Maskaev won't be able to withstand him for the whole fight.

Uatu is actually much more interested in Campbell vs. Diaz. These are two fighters, that despite the fact that they aren't at the top of the boxing fame ladder, have actually both been in televised fights a large number of times.

Uatu really wants to pick the Galaxy Warrior. He has impressed in fights against Casamayor and Kid Diamond. However, the boxing press has really warmed up to Diaz, despite many at the beginning of his career thinking he was a limited pressure fighter. If Uatu was betting on the fight, he would absolutely bet on Campbell and take the underdog odds.

Diaz has youth on his side, as Campbell is in his mid 30's, but Nate only started boxing in his mid 20's and professionally in his late 20's, so he's a fresh fighter.

Oh boy, tough call. But if they were easy calls the fights wouldn't be worth watching.
Diaz UD 12, too much activity. The 'Baby Bull' wins on sheer volume.

The Franchise says...

I'll take on the lighter fight first. If you haven't already done so, read Dan Rafael's excellent piece on Nate Campbell and find out why he's a guy worth cheering on. Then read Steve Kim's article suggesting Juan Diaz may be distracted by his divorce with Don King.

Now forget it all. Though Campbell has the power and experience to prove a huge threat, the Galaxxy Warrior can't match the Baby Bull's hand speed and pressure. And boxing and promoter problems go hand in hand, so I don't think Diaz will be sweating his situation too much once he steps inside the ring.

Expect Campbell to be exceedingly game and probably hang in there for all 12 rounds. Just don't expect him to get his hand raised at the end, because I feel like Diaz will see the fight go his way.

As for the heavyweight bout, here's the "glass is half-full" point of view: it can't possibly be as uninspiring as the slap-fest that Wladimir Klitschko and Sultan Ibragimov put on a few weeks ago.

I agree with my brother here. Peter seems like he'll just prove to be too much to handle for Maskaev, who I think may be the worst of the current heavyweight belt-holders. It may not be a knockout - quite a few of Peter's recent fights have gone the distance, but I'm picking the Nigerian Nightmare to get the job done.

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