Miranda vs. Kessler is on

Edison Miranda vs. Mikkel Kessler is on according to ESPN for May on Showtime.
This is a very interesting fight.

One can't help but wonder about where Miranda really fits in the boxing landscape. Is he a Mayorga-like trash talking brawler that won't be able to back up his talk against the elite? Consider Mayorga vs. Forrest and compare it with Miranda vs. Abraham. Then think of Mayorga vs. Oscar and Tito and compare them to Miranda vs. Pavlik.

What about Kessler? Impressive against Andrade. Undressed by Calzaghe.

Miranda also reminds Uatu of Tyson and to a lesser extent Juan Diaz (minus the power of course). If you can stand up to these "bullies", then you can take them on with skill. But standing up to them is, of course, no easy task.

But can Kessler stand up to the Panther? To be determined soon.

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