Round By Round: Andrade vs. Stieglitz

Kellerman says that every fight with Andrade is compelling. That's why this fight is on TV.

Round 1 of 12
Andrade throwing punches early. But not really with bad intentions and they are being blocked with ease. Andrade jabbing away. Andrade working body. Andrade throwing 3 to 1 but neither man doing too much damage. Lewis says Stieglitz is tight. Agreed. Andrade tries a lot of uppercuts during the round. Have to go with Andrade based on output and ineffective aggression. Stieg didn't land many shots at all. Probably less the five solid hits combined if that.

Uatu - Andrade 10-9

Round 2
Stieglitz wastes no time in the opening seconds. Threw a three punch combo. Consecutive uppercuts from Andrade. Solid connects. One two from Andrade. Big time uppercut even from the outside. and now the inside. Stieglitz goes for a four punch. Two way action erupts! Never has this many uppercuts been thrown in the first two rounds of a fight. Body hooks by Andrade. Stieglitz is a "bloody mess" per Kellerman. Agreed. Good action round. Crowd was into that round.

Uatu - Andrade 10 -9

Round 3
Right to the body from Andrade. Andrade goes body again and uppercuts again. Lewis enjoys Andrade's gladiator spirit. Interesting fact: Andrade used to manage a Jack-in-the-Box. Lead left hook by Stiegliz blocked. He forces Andrade to try to fall out of the ropes. Phone booth fighting with Stielgitz pressing. Andrade fights him off. Nice left from the outside by Andrade. Stieglitz falls but it is ruled a slip.

Uatu - Andrade 10-9

Round 4
Lederman too has it 3-0 Andrade and he loves the uppercuts too. A bit of feeling out and feinting going on both ways. Andrade left to the body. Grab and hit by Stieglitz. Stieglitz gets a decent right to the body in. Stieglitz throws a decent combo and and is pressing Andrade back to the ropes again. Not really in danger though. Flurry by Steigz but Andrande closes the round like he is trying to really put an exclamation point on things. However neither fighter looked to hurt the other.

Uatu - Stieglitz 10-9

Round 5
Lead right Stieglitz. Misses and a clinch. Stiegz throwing heavy punches but Andrade evades and blocks and rolls well. Steigz is throwing and trying hard though. Stiegz gets in an uppercut of his own. Jabbing around both ways. Andrade forcing Stiegz back to the ropes. Andrade doing good defensive work. Nice right and some mroe uppercuts from Andrade. Andrade bombing away to end the round. He came on strong to finish that round.

Uatu - Andrade 10-9

Round 6
At least in this fight Andrade's defense has been sneaky good. He's not a fleet of foot mover, but he keeps his hands up and rolls with punches well. Steigz gets in a combo but Andrade fights him right back. Stiegz jabbing. Big right from Stiegz, but not a huge one. Andrade has no issues with it. More close uppercuts and body work from both. Looping left lands from Stiegz. Andrade may have Stiegz hurt. He throws a good 8-10 unanswered punches in the corner as Steigz covers up. He may have turtled his way out of getting seriously rocked again. Andrade steals the round.

Uatu - Andrade 10-9

Round 7
Lederman has it 5-1 Andrade. Careful jabbing in the middle of the ring. Similar to pervious rounds. Decent two way punching but nothing too heavy either way. Still more from Andrade than Steiglitz. More of the same of previous rounds. Stiegz throws three blocked shots and Andrade lands the left. Same thing happens again. Andrade jabbing well. 1-2 from Andrade backs up Stiegz. Not too much significant that round so it favors Andrade

Uatu - Andrade 10-9

Round 8
Wow UCLA down at half. Stiegz nice combo to start. Back to the middle. Stiegz nice body shot. Clinching. Combos both way but mostly blocked both ways. Stiegz two decent rights. Andrade doesn't looked slowed. Andrade carefully stalking. Clinching again. Andrade works his way in behind jabs. There's a huge shot by Andrade! Steigz turtling. Andrade going for it. Steigz not throwing back. The Ref stops the fight! Andrade then does a very cool flip in the ring off of a turnbuckle like Rey Myeterio and the crowd chants for Mexico. Quick but good stoppage as Stiegz stopped throwing. It was all due to the serious right from Andrade. When Steigz stumbled back Andrade literally ran to him as he stumbled to a corner. He followed up with some hooks and that was that. Any more and Stiegz could have been hurt for real, for real.

Winner by TKO in the 8th round Andrade!

Good action fight. Andrade may not be the quickest guy but he is tough and busy. He may not be able to take out a fighter at the level of Joe Calzaghe, but he will be a tough out for most anyone else. After this it is a good bet he will be on TV fights again in the future.

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