Marquez vs. Pacquiao II: Unfinished Business Weigh-in

Caught the weigh-in on HBO.
Pacquiao was his usual ridiculously ripped self and came in at 129.
Marquez looked toned and ready at 130 on the dot.
There was some energy in the crowd, but everything at this point pales in comparison to Hatton-Mayweather. Nothing special happened.

Shane Mosley, Marco Antonio Barerra, and Bob Arum were in the house. No Oscar or Bernard or other Top Rankers were on the stage at least.

Not a physique or anatomy expert, but does the more ripped and dehydrated-looking man in turn mean the man who will put on more weight overnight and thus the heavier man on fight night? Is there any way to eyeball people the night before and be able to tell who will put more weight on when they get in the ring? Since Arum has said that Manny is moving to 135 to fight David Diaz if he wins, and Marquez has always been around the 126-130 range, writers have been stating that Manny will be bigger on fight night. That could sway even more favor towards the PacMan.

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