Interesting News - Valero ok to Fight in the US

Quite possibly the most buzzed about fighter, Edwin Valero, has been ok'd to fight in the state of Texas according to ESPN. Valero is a gaudy 23-0, with 23 ko's. 19 of those in the first round! While anyone could be built up with this type of record by fighting tomato cans, Valero has gotten credit from any expert who has seen him as being the real deal.

Dougie Fischer at maxboxing.com has been at the forefront of touting Valero as more than just a creation of good matchmaking. If you can, go and try to find Dougie Fischer's articles about Valero and sparring footage they had over at maxboxing.com or probably on the youtube. He has quite an interesting life story and had been on medical suspension due to a motorcycle accident that had given him some head damage.

Valero was backed by Oscar De La Hoya and was managed by Oscar's father Joel the first time around. He then fought in Japan because of the suspension.

This guy has the potential to be huge star and will bring a large amount of anticipation to his US return.

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