Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather on Mike and Mike

Mike and Mike is the morning show on ESPNRadion and ESPN2.
Today Mike Golic and Eric Kuselias are hosting.

Floyd first goes into the training behind Dancing with the Stars.
He said he would learn a routine in one day instead of four.

He won't be wearing gloves to fight the Big Show at Wrestlemania, he will have his hands taped.
A lot of hyping up the amazing size difference.

They ask how he got roped into this.
Floyd was sitting ringside at No Way Out, as just a fan and that's when he broke the nose of the Big Show after Show challenged him.

What is he going to do to beat the Show?
Floyd says he is real smart and the Show won't be able to catch him.

How is he going to knock him out?
He already broke the Show's nose so...

Floyd does not and won't guarantee a victory, he said he can't do that.

What's his plan if he gets trapped under all of that weight?
Floyd says he has tricks up his sleeve and other guys with him to help him.

He has been boxing before the age of seven. He fought in pee-wee boxing. He says the Oscar fight was easy work.

Why no knockout?
Oscar gave him heavyweight gloves. He gave him pillows. So for Hatton he got the right gloves.

Floyd says he has the PPV records, and he guarantees that WrestleMania 24 will break all of the records for wrestling.

What's next for boxing?
Floyd says he doesn't know.

Could Floyd take Mike Golic?
He says he likes Mike and wants to come back so he has no problems with Mike. Mike says the body shots would hurt him much more than a face shot.

That's it. Apparently Floyd will also be on ESPN First Take, the mid morning show on ESPN2 following Mike and Mike.

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