Predictions: Haye vs. Maccarinelli

Uatu says...

Uatu is interested in this fight for a number of reasons:
  1. The European "Big Fight" atmosphere.
  2. Two well-respected action fighters.
  3. Two fighters Uatu knows little about.

Therefore, this is a slightly uninformed prediction. It happens in boxing.

Haye is getting more hype, and is the more familiar name. So based on that, Haye gets the win.

The Franchise says...

Can I just say the guy from the U.K. is going to win?

All joking aside, I'd be lying if I said I'm an expert on these two European cruiserweights. Here's what I do know: both men are 27 years old and have fought almost entirely in their native United Kingdom. Both men have picked themselves off the canvas and come back to win a fight - including Haye's most recent outing, when he survived a fourth-round knockdown and came back to stop Jean-Marc Mormeck in seven.

Both men can obviously make it happen early, though Haye has more of a reputation for one-punch power and Maccarinelli is more of a volume puncher. In 10 or 12-round fights, Haye has three first-round KO's and Maccarinelli has five. So they should be willing to mix it up, and I fully expect this to be an entertaining scrap.

Neither fighter's resume stands out as particularly impressive, though the cruiserweight division hasn't exactly been loaded over the last few years. Popular consensus seems to suggest that Haye really is the top dog in the division right now, so I'm going with him to win by KO.

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